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Finally! The LORD OF THE RINGS Extended Editions May Be Coming To Blu-Ray This Year!


Nordling here.
The debate rages on in some circles, but with me, there's no question: the Extended versions of THE LORD OF THE RINGS films are the superior version.  Minus a couple of nitpicks about certain scenes in RETURN OF THE KING (I would have held off on the reveal of the Dead Army), I don't even consider the Theatricals in the same league.  So when they released those versions on Blu-Ray last year, it never even entered my mind to purchase them.
The Digital Bits today said according to their sources that for those of us who prefer the Extendeds, the wait may be nearly over.  According to Bill Hunt, "Our sources tell us to expect some kind of official news on all this from the studio in the next several weeks."
We all knew they were probably coming, considering all THE HOBBIT news floating around these past couple of weeks, but it's nice to know that it's a real possibility.  And yeah, we'll all likely be triple-dpped and quadruple-dipped once THE HOBBIT makes its way to home viewing, but this is probably the one film series I don't mind being taken to the cleaners on.
Nordling, out.
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