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An Art Department First Look at the RED SKULL from CAPTAIN AMERICA!

Hey folks, Harry here...

This time with a look at The Red Skull, by way of our awesome hermanos de MundoHype, who managed to infiltrate the super secret lair of MARVEL to retrieve the following awesomeness.   Now - here's the big surprise, RED SKULL looks like the comic character.   And yes, what we're all curious as hell about, is 1) How well does this translate to LIVE ACTION and 2) How much time do we get with the RED SKULL looking like THE RED SKULL and not looking like Hugo Weaving?  Because as much as I love Hugo Weaving, I actually have no desire to see his face for longer than about 3 minutes in this movie, cuz I've waited my entire life to see THE RED SKULL on screen.  And with the Cosmic Cube ta boot!!!  Here ya go...


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