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Is the second Monsters Inc film a prequel?

Nordling here.
I hate prequels.
Now, I'm possibly being too judgmental.  But I find films much more interesting when the backstory's filled in my head, and not the movie studios'.  But prequels, for better or worse, can make money.  And now rumor hs it that Pixar is going the prequel route with the next MONSTERS INC. film.
French Disney website Disney Central Plaza and French animation site Animatie apparently has it on good authority that the film, which they state will be released November 2012, will be about how "Bob" (Mike Wizowski?) and Sully met at the "University of Fear" and how former rivals become friends. Or, directly translated from French:
Prequel to the first album, MONSTERS, INC. 2 we reveal how Bob and Sully met on the benches of the school at the University of fear, and how many rivals he eventually became friends
Not a bad idea for a story, really, and Billy Crystal and John Goodman did good work together in the film, so this could be fun.  I wonder if Steve Buscemi's Randall would return in any kind of way.. Obviously Boo would probably be some kind of zygote, so she's probably not in it.
Now, obviously this is a rumor, and should be taken as such.  What do you think?  Interesting story, or not?
Nordling, out.
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