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The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day looks like a hood ornament!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with today’s Behind the Scenes Pic!

I’ve got quite the love for Joe Johnston’s THE ROCKETEER. I mean, it has Jennifer Connelly smokin’ hot, Alan Arkin being the best Alan Arkin he can be, patriotic mob guys, Timothy Dalton at his sleaziest, a young John Locke as Howard Hughes, a fantastic score from James Horner and a fantastic art deco design throughout. And Nazis. Don't forget them.

Sure, I haven’t revisited that film in a long while (Get on a Blu-Ray Disney, what you waitin’ for, damn!), but I believe I’m too much hooked in by nostalgia to radically change my mind one way or another.

The below photo was submitted by a generous reader and features Bill Campbell and director Joe Johnston. Click for the bigger version!



Tomorrow’s pic is a paint happy bastard that should be caught and hung up by its Buster Browns!

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