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Heard some rumors on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES that sound interesting...

Hey folks, Harry here with the latest bit of info I've gathered on THE DARK KNIGHT RISES... How reliable is this? Well, we'll see, right. For now, take this as pure rumor, but don't be too surprised if I'm right. I'll call my source on this, "Clayface" - It seems that Chris & Jonathan Nolan and that David Goyer have been digging deep for the villain. In fact, Batman first went up against this guy in 1940 in the pages of Detective Comics. The word is, Tom Hardy is playing Dr. Hugo Strange, who has a bit of an obsession surrounding The Batman. Strange how common that seems to be in Gotham. In fact - it seems that Nolan and crew are exploiting that great PREY arc that was written by Doug Moench and illustrated by the great Paul Gulacy and Terry Austin - and ran from September of 1990 to February 1991. I remember the storyline right after Clayface spilt the slightest details. This is actually, just about the most perfect storyline to start up, given where DARK KNIGHT left off. It involves a Taskforce out to get BATMAN headed by Gary Oldman's Gordon. I love the idea of Tom Hardy playing Hugo Strange, who plots to kill and takeover being The Batman, himself. In the comics, the attack on Batman is multi-faceted and extremely psychological, as that is why Hugo has the Dr. in front of his name. It brings the Fear Gas back in a very effective manner. And well, seek out the issues if you want to ... oh, just read a great yarn. I'm fairly positive that this team is putting their own particular spin on it - but how many of you want to see a crazy fucking Tom Hardy dressing up like Batman? I know I do. I'm fairly jazzed about... this, um, rumor. Let's see what happens...

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