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Sam Mendes Still Directing BOND 23 (Says Kate Winslet), Project’s ‘Back On’ Per Composer David Arnold!!

Merrick here...
As we’ve previously mentioned, the next James Bond movie has been perpetually delayed by MGM’s recent money woes. For a while it looked like said delays would last indefinitely, although recent indications…and word of MGM’s impending recovery…suggest another 007 production should finally be ramping up sometime next year. Leaving a significant question: would director Sam Mendes (AMERICAN BEAUTY, JARHEAD) remain on the picture given how long it’s taken to get the project rolling? We knew he’d been talking about the next 007 installment with The Powers That Be, but that didn’t necessarily mean his association with the show would weather delay after delay, and even a full-on shut down. Now comes word that Mendes is, indeed, still with the movie. Over at the Daily Mail, Kate Winslet (who separated from Mendes last year) says that ’Sam is doing the next Bond film’ and reveals her intent to move to England with their children for a while, to reduce Mendes’ commute from New York to the film’s U.K. shoot. Find more details HERE . Interesting. This dovetails with a new interview with current Bond composer David Arnold, who said ’We only just got the news that we’re back on…’ and pointedly asserts Daniel Craig’s continued involvement in THIS interview with Film Music Magazine. So, it sounds like BOND 23 (working title only) is coming together again…at long last. More as we know more.
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