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More BABYLON 5 On The Way?? Is There The Possibility Of Hope??

Merrick here...
Tazzzer sent in a quick message regarding his intriguing exchange with BABYLON 5 overlord J. Michael Straczynski (aka JMS) on Straczynski's Facebook Fan Page. To summarize briefly, Tazzer asked JMS if we'd really, truly seen the last of BABYLON 5 either on TV or in theaters. JMS' reply, simply, was…
Ask me again after next April.
Certainly not much to go on, and fully illustrative of JMS' often cryptic communication. Still, this does seem to suggest that some type of B5 project may be in the wind. This wouldn't be altogether surprising given previous indications that more BABYLON 5 projects were feasible - and/or being bandied about. But, to date, JMS has been reticent to jump in. He's even been negatively pre-disposed towards taking 'em on, citing budgetary considerations (i.e. no more cut-rate, low-budget DVDs) and creative control concerns (more details HERE). But, in Hollywood, never say never. Perhaps such issues are now being worked through? Hope they find a way to squeeze Boxleitner into it (YES, I know that would be difficult/improbable given the layout of the series, but he's so good, so underappreciated, and it's so awesome to see him back on screens for TRON LEGACY…)
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