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Quint's 2010 Holiday Gift Guide Part 3: Collectibles, Art, Food, Clothing & Apparel, Home Doo-Dads and Rich Stuff!!!

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CHEAP ($24.99 and Under)

Stay Puft Marshmellows. Yep. Caffeinated Stay Puft Marshmellows from the geektastic Omni Consumer Products. Warning, though... do not, under any circumstances think about these tasty marshmellows if tasked to choose the form of your own destruction. $19.99.
MODERATE ($25.00-$70.99)

It may not look like it because of the small picture, but that, my friends, is a five pound gummy bear. You can choose from Cherry, Pineapple, Blue Raspberry, Cola, Grape, Orange and Lemon. God Bless America. $29.95 plus shipping.

There's a big debate over Austin-area BBQ. It's almost a Civil War it's so intense and opinionated. Now I know the right answer when asked "What's the best BBQ in the area?" is The Salt Lick and deep in their hearts everybody else does, too. They just can't let go of their precious Lockhart. But you don't give a deer's dick about Austin BBQ politics, what you should care about is the ability to get the best tasting brisket, pork ribs and the most awesome BBQ sauce ever delivered to your door. The above image links to the Brisket, which comes with one jar of BBQ sauce and runs you $54.95 plus shipping. There are many different options on what kind of meat can be shipped to you. I heartily recommend the pork ribs, brisket and sausage. Full shippable menu here. You're welcome.


CHEAP ($24.99 and Under)

I dig little things like this, a cheap collectible recreation of something most people wouldn't even understand. Do you think the average guy on the street knows what the hell a slate is? Probably not, but if you're reading this I'm sure you do. You can get an official licensed reproduction of the Slate used during the filming of The Empire Strikes Back. What will they think up next? $24.99.
MODERATE ($25.00-$70.99)

I can't be the only one who thinks that's fucking awesome, right? Or am I just so outer limits nerdy that a Christmas-themed Boba Fett statue makes me incredibly happy? You know you want that. It's in stock, ready to ship and relatively inexpensive! $49.99.

Iron Man Christmas is pretty cool, too, but for some dumb-ass reason it's not released until January. Who wants a Christmas statue in January? The terrorists have won. But maybe you want to grab it for next year. If so... $54.99.

Hey, pervert! Eyes up here! That's better! Why'd it take so long for a Jessica Rabbit Mini-Bust (heh) to be pumped out? Whatever Communist held up the production has obviously converted or been eliminated and now you can make Tex Avery popping-out eyes at this lovely sculpture for the low prices of $69.99.

If you hurry you can get this totally radical Michaelangelo statue at a huge discount! The 9" tall statue usually $99.99, but as part of their Black Friday week Entertainment Earth has him at only $29.90! I bet he's gonna be gone very soon, though, so don't delay!

This sweet Joker Mini-Bust popped out at me. Get it? Jack in the Box and all that? I've been looking at too many nerdy things and I'm going a little crazy at this point. Maybe that's why I like this Joker piece! In stock and ready to ship at $59.99 .

Why couldn't there be something this cool in the prequels? Seriously. Sure, the newest Force Unleashed game feels more like an added few levels of DLC, but I think that original Force Unleashed game (where this statue comes from) was what the prequels should have been. But now I'm on my prequel soap box yet again. I'm surprised that damn thing hasn't buckled from so much use... or because I'm fat. This is cool, though. Pre-order for a December ship, in time for Christmas! $59.99.

Remember when this man was the coolest dude on Earth? Most of you probably weren't alive to remember black Michael Jackson, but I do. Because I'm old. Michael Jackson in his Thriller get-up is pretty cool... not sure I'd put it on the mantle, but someone out there surely wants to, right? $39.99.

Now this is something. is exclusively selling the Ghostbusters PKE Meter replica that recreates the light sequences from the movies with LED lights and adjustable viewscreen animation. And the wings open up. You'd think this would break the bank, but it's very fairly priced at $60.00. It's not available until December 1st, though, so bookmark the page and be there bright and early to ensure you get yours. How else will you detect mass sponge migration?

That, my dear reader, is a resin statue of Slimer. And that disgusting blob lights up! How sweet! Only not sweet thing is that he doesn't come out until April 2011, but I didn't want the little bastard to slime me for overlooking him, so included he is. Put your pre-order in now and surprise yourself in 5 months! $59.99.

There are a few Gentle Giant Pale Man busts left over from Comic-Con... The Faun is sold out, unfortunately... for some reason people don't want this fuck-crazy horror show on their shelf. I don't get those people. This is one of my favorite busts ever... and yes, I got mine. And yes, he's on my mantle. And yes, I'm single. $69.99.

From The Noble Collection comes another prop replica, namely Harry Potter's instantly recognizable specs. The glasses are fine, but I really like the display. Especially for the price. Have it, my fellow Potterheads! $55.00.

While we're still on the subject of Harry Potter, how about another prop replica? Also from The Noble Collection is the Horcrux Locket that comes complete with a nice little display box and even the mysterious note from RAB... wait a goddamn minute... if the R.A.B. note is in it than this isn't the Horcrux Locket, but a fake! Well, I guess for $49.00 I can't be too picky.

From the "They made what replica?!?" files comes a recreation of the Tarot Deck from Live and Let Die. I know, right? It's almost so random and obscure that it becomes the coolest thing on this list. Available for pre-order now, will ship in December! $29.00.

Poor Smeagol. All he wanted was his precious... and maybe some nice fishies, but the stupid fat hobbit had to ruin everything for him. I'm happy to see Weta Collectibles still dipping their toes in the Tolkien world... gotta get into shape for the deluge of Hobbit collectibles I'm sure we're in for! Pre-order for December shipping! $64.99

I guess technically this should go into Apparel since you wear 'em, but I'm lazy. You want a Hobbit ear? I can get you a Hobbit ear. I can get you a Hobbit ear by sundown! Yeah, those crazy Kiwis are making replica prosthetic Hobbit Ears (from the same design and process as the ones used in the LOTR films) and guess what? One lucky reader is gonna get him or her some Frodo Baggins ears!
The contest is open to anybody in the world. If you want to enter you need to email this address with the subject line "Friends, Tooks, Brandybucks, Lend Me Your Ears!" and your name, mailing address and phone number. This information will only be used if you win so Weta can ship you your ears. I'll pick a winner at random Saturday at 5pm CST, so that's your deadline. Chop chop!
If you want to go direct to the source and buy you a pair, they run $34.99.

I'm not done with Weta yet! We have Mini Ray Gun, specifically the Goliathon 83 and yes, I have one to give away!
The contest is also open to anybody in the world. If you want to enter you need to email this address with the subject line "Guns, Guns, Guns!" and your name, mailing address and phone number. This information will only be used if you win so Weta can ship you the winnings. I'll pick a winner at random Saturday at 5pm CST, so that's your deadline. Good hunting!
If you don't win there are some available at Weta's site for $60.00.
EXPENSIVE ($71.00-$499.99)

Okay, award to most badass thing on the 2010 Holiday Gift Guide is this Superman Vs. Ali statue. You guys are well-read comic geeks, I'm sure, so you know that this face off did happen in a special one-off book. It's so ridiculous to even put this hypothetical match out there because we all know Ali would win. No contest. Sorry, Supes. Pre-order, ships in January. $209.99.

Good Lord, Bettie Page. Why you so hot? It's no fair, you ruin all non-sexy statue women for all the men out there. $149.99.

Michael Keaton Batman. Oh, hell yes. Nearly 14" tall, on pre-order, ships February. $164.99.

Yep, Keaton's cowl from Batman Returns... an exact replica, life-size and limited to 500 pieces. If you get this, promise me you'll go out and be a vigilante for just one night. You have to at least help one old lady across the street or you don't deserve to have this in your house. $484.99.

I think I featured this rad 1:6 scale Harvey Two-Face Hot Toys figure last year, but last year it wasn't on Entertainment Earth's Black Friday sales block. Retail is $139.99, but you can pick him up right now for $99.90.

I'm a sucker for Ralph McQuarrie Concept Star Wars stuff. This is a left over Comic-Con Exclusive, limited to 2500 pieces... and yes, I bought one in San Diego. Stupid! You guys can just click a mouse button and have it shipped to you and I had to try to jamb this bastard in my luggage. $74.99.

This seems to be the R2-D2 statue to end all R2-D2 statues. It's a fairly far out preorder (June 2011), but I just loved all the little gizmos and gadgets from the movies... He has the little pincer arm that tries to steal back the flashlight from Yoda, the sweet periscope thing from the swamp... everything. Swiss Army Astromech! $158.99.

Trash Compactor Book Ends! Great idea! On pre-order, ships January 2011! $198.99.

This Iron man Mark 1 Helmet is a prop replica in every sense of the word. It's forged in steel, 1:1 scale, overseen by the original prop makers at Stan Winston Studios (now Legacy), it's hinged like the real prop, lined with suede "work glove" material, just like the original... Limited to 500 pieces, this one is Temporarily Out of Stock over at EE, but keep an eye out and you might be able to snag you one for $312.62.

Tony Stark's Briefcase that works as a real life briefcase. Some high level geek lawyer is going to buy this and either get fired from his/her law firm or be the coolest person at the deposition. It's quite pricey for just being a working briefcase, though. For $429.99 that thing needs to really put an Iron Man suit on my fat ass. On pre-order, shipping next month!

Who doesn't want an 18" tall Ralph Fiennes in their house? Show me that person and I'll show you a liar. This is a pretty nice statue of He Who Shall Not Be Named if I do say so myself. And I do. What were we talking about again? On pre-order with a January 2011 ship date - $285.99.

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die. If you stock up with this bad boy (limited to 750 pieces) there won't be any father killing, six fingered man that can stop you from achieving your revenge. Ships January! $309.99.

If Inigo Montoya's sword is a little too flashy for your taste, how about The Dread Pirate Roberts' Sword instead? If you carry it around you can tell your children goodnight and that you'll most likely kill them in the morning and not get in trouble with Child Protective Services. I'm pretty sure that's a law. Ships same time as Inigo's sword does, January 2011! $274.99.

Mola Ram is a badass. I preach the Gospel of Doom here a lot, so I'll spare you my usual speech... and I'll just jump right into it! This beautiful Premium Format figure from Sideshow retails for an impressive $294.99. He's worth every penny. That blisteringly fast. I guess I need to pick harder questions next time! The winner is Bill Bria of Astoria, NY who beat out Vikas Duggal of London, Ontario by less than a minute. Congratulations to Bill Bria! I've included the answers to the questions below!
But if you don't want to spend a car payment on him, I have one to give away! It's not as easy as a simple email. I'm going to unload some trivia on you folks. The first person to email me at this address with the subject line "Kali-Ma Will Rule The World!", all the correct answers to the trivia questions and a valid mailing address will win this bad boy! The contest is open to everybody in the world (barring some small exceptions... read the small print below to know who Sideshow won't ship to). Let's do this! Q1: What year is Temple of Doom set? (A: 1935) Q2: What's the name of the night club that starts Temple of Doom off? (A: Club Obi Wan) Q3: Who's remains does Lao Che want? (A: Nurhaci) Q4: What Indian state provided the location for most of Temple of Doom? (A: Sri Lanka) Q5: Name the cult Mola Ram presides over and who they worship. (A: The Thugee and they worship Kali) Good luck!

Here's the fine print: Delivery for the contest winner: **The winner must allow 4-6 weeks after announcement of win to receive the product from Sideshow Collectibles. All prizes are non-transferable, with no cash redemptions and/or substitutions except at Sponsor's sole discretion. See below for more International Shipping Terms. To get the latest news from Sideshow Collectibles, join our Newsletter! Delivery time & Restrictions: All continental US orders are shipped via either UPS or FedEx ground service. Because FedEx cannot provide tracking numbers for P.O. Boxes, Sideshow Collectibles will not ship to a P.O. Box. Please provide your street address or your shipment will be delayed. For FedEx Ground deliveries, please allow up to 6 business days for delivery from the date your order is shipped. International Shipping Restrictions: At this time Sideshow Collectibles is unable to make shipments to Mexico, Russia, Venezuela or Nigeria. Please Click Here for further international shipping information and restrictions. All international winners will be responsible for any duties, tariffs, taxes or import fees assessed to their prize. Further, some countries outside of the U.S. do not have reliable mail services. In the event that a prize has been stolen or mishandled during shipment to an international destination, Sideshow may not be able to replace the specific item and will substitute a prize at its own discretion. If the winner prefers a specific quicker shipping method, they are responsible to notify Sideshow immediately, and will also be responsible to cover the additional costs if any. At this time, we do not accept credit cards from Mexico. Refer to our Help Desk for alternative payment options.

Sideshow's Jack Sparrow Premium Format Statue is fantastic, capturing the essence of ol' Captain Jack with the perfect pose and environment. Limited to 650 pieces, this pirate will plunder you for about $324.99.

This vintage 1982 Flynn Tron Bust makes me smile. I like that they didn't put the disc in his hand and went for the more obscure scooper from the grid games in the original film. Sideshow's taking pre-orders now for the 9" bust, limited to 3000 pieces. It ships 1st Quarter 2011. $74.99.

Lt. Aldo Raine in on the Last Chance list over at Sideshow, which means he's close to selling out, so if you want this Basterd for your very own act fast! Once again Hot Toys does a bang-up job on likeness and all the detail work. His neck scar is perfect and they even get his big ass swastika-carving knife perfect. $159.99.

There are a lot of Batmobiles in the Guide this year. I didn't try to make it that way, that's just how the cards fell this year. The vintage Batman TV show Batmobile is represented here all pimped out in chrome, no less. This sucker is in 1:18 scale and limited to 3000 pieces. In stock and available at $139.99.

This is another favorite of mine on the list this year. I am so head over heels for District 9 it's not even funny, so Weta's awesome Christopher Johnson & Son puts a big grin on my face. I love the design of the prawns to start with and to see them so lovingly recreated in a limited statue does my heart proud. This piece is limited to 600 and is currently on pre-order, shipping out first quarter 2011. $249.00.

Bumping right up against the line arbitrary line I put down between "Expensive" and "For The Super Rich Only" is Weta's District 9 Assault Rifle Full Scale Replica. That's right, this is a 1:1 replica of the prop used in the movie, made by the same team that actually designed and executed the original. $499.00 for the big boy, but there's also a quarter scale version that's a little more modestly priced at $99.00.

This quarter scale Arc Generator gun retails for $99.00, but...
Weta's graciously given me one to give away. This is going to be a Twitter Contest, so you're going to have to follow me on Twitter (@EricVespe) and sometime between now and Saturday at noon CST I'll Tweet this: "I want some cat food." The first person to tweet back "Fookin' prawn!" will be the winner. Again, contest is open world wide, so all you gotta do is follow me on Twitter. Easy!

This is the last of the contests in the Collectibles Category, but it's for the beautiful Bag End environment piece above. The Open Edition (which is what we're giving away) runs $125.00. Congratulations to Mark Kell of Abita Springs, LA and his cat-like reflexes! He's the big winner!
This one goes to the first person to email me at with the subject line "I Love The Halfling's Leaf" with a valid shipping address and phone number in the body of the email wins! I'll update this article with the name of the winner! I expect it'll be quick! If you dig Weta's stuff, make sure to sign up for their newsletter so you can be kept abreast of their awesome output!

FOR THE SUPER RICH ONLY ($500.00 and Up)

This crazy-expensive Batmobile from Tim Burton's movies is actually made based on the designs for the model cars built for the 1989 film. The sucker is over 30" long and comes complete with LED headlights and taillights. $1,999.99.

From the great EFX Collectibles comes a very expensive TIE Fighter Replica. The reason it's so pricey is the level of detail that went into this... What you see isn't an artist's rendition of what they know from watching the Star Wars movies. No sir. They actually scanned a screen-used TIE fighter from Star Wars: A New Hope pulled directly from the Lucasfilm archives. So, this is going to be as close what they actually filmed as you can get without having to rob a bank (or Lucasfilm). The pre-order is open now with an eye to ship March 2011. $999.99.

Here's another EFX prop replica, this one a highly detailed Nautilus from Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. Apparently this beauty is nearly 4 feet long and immaculately detailed. It'd have to be for $1699.00.

Speaking of prop replicas, check out Factory Entertainment's recreation of Scaramanga's Golden Gun from 1974 Bond film THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN. How meticulous is this recreation? You can assemble it just like in the movie, with different parts (lighter, cigarette case, pen, etc) making the gun... which, by the way, is really plated with 18k gold. Oh, and if that wasn't enough, this limited Signature Edition also comes with a plate autographed (by hand, not one of those bullshit printed-on autographs) by both Sir Christopher Lee and Sir Roger Moore. $649.00 suddenly sounds very reasonable, doesn't it? Probably the classiest thing on the guide this year! Shipping next month! If you don't need the autographs, there's a cheaper version with just the replica (and a 1000 piece run instead of the 400 of the Signature Edition) that you can get for $409.99.


CHEAP ($24.99 and Under)

What you see above you are pennies that have been intricately painted to represent all manners of movies by a local Austin artist named Kayla Kromer. Kayla got some world wide attention when she decided to make some crazy beds, most notably a hamburger bed and a Millennium Falcon bed. I saw her show off some of the above pennies a while ago and she immediately jumped to mind for this column. I approached her about taking personalized requests from movie fans and she consented, with some conditions. She will do 30 pennies for $10 each (which includes shipping it to you when done). You gotta be in the continental US and you also need to make up your mind to do this by the 7th in order to get your penny by Christmas. This lady can do anything, so don't be afraid to let you imagination run wild with your image ideas. Click the picture above or right here to contact her directly with your request.

Forgive my love of both the country of New Zealand the fictional land of Middle Earth, but these two joining together to form of a Map of New Zealand As Middle Earth makes my day. Fantastic Weta artist (and lovely human being himself) Daniel Falconer (if you saw Elvish writing in the LOTR movies it was more than likely by his hand) designed this map of New Zealand which pointpoints exactly where on the North and South Island they filmed what location. It's a pretty nifty, "thinking outside the box" type gift. $23.99.

I don't think this print is exceedingly rare or super limited, crazy valuable as an investment or anything like that. I just dig the image. It celebrates the gallery show of pop culture art known as Crazy 4 Cult (it was their fourth show) and only costs you $20.00.

Some of you may remember Brandon Bird from last year's Nicolas Cage Playset. It wouldn't be the Holiday Season without Nic Cage and Brandon Bird. What you see above might be hard to make out, but this year he's put together an old school style Paint By Numbers set of three of his art pieces. The reason you want this is because this is one of the art pieces you can Paint By Numbers and recreate:

You get the paint, brush and Nic Cage holding a primate for only $12.00.
MODERATE ($25.00-$70.99)

When Paul Reubens revived his Pee-Wee persona on stage in LA I made a point to go see him. I remember vividly sitting in front of my TV on Saturday mornings waiting for Pee-Wee's Playhouse to start. I remember Large Marge scaring my pants off in the well worn and nearly watched to ribbons VHS of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. It was a joy seeing Pee-Wee still existing in our world. So all that was going through my head when I saw this print over at 1988's gallery. I like that the Playhouse world is melding with the film world. This is a limited signed and numbered print from artist Glen Brogan, 11X14 and limited to 50 copies. $45.00.

Besides being a Weird Al fanboy, I was happy to see some art done surrounding UHF. Most of the stuff you see is some variation on Star Wars or some other hugely known geek property. It's nice to see some love for UHf! This giclee is printed on 10X20 archival paper and limited to 62 signed and numbered pieces. From artist Tom Whalen. $70.00.

This was another case of finding something not always featured in these movie geek artists' tributes. Battle Royale rocks and that's quite a nice visual representation of what the flick is. Julian Callos is the artist and there are only 25 14X11 signed and numbered prints. $50.00.

Artist Dave MacDowell approaches The Breakfast Club as Hollywood royalty in this piece called Molly's. 14X11, archival paper, limited to 50 signed and numbered copies. $60.00

Hatchet II had a Limited poster run and they hired young Alex Pardee to take a crack at it. Alex did a few Mondo posters for the Alamo and did a good job on this one, too. Printed on 17X22 Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag paper, signed by both Pardee and Hatchet II director Adam Green and limited to only 100 copies this one runs you: $50.00.

This pulled apart R2-D2 schematic is the newest in the Mondo line of limited Star Wars posters. This poster just hit today, but because of the highly collectible status of these posters it was gone in minutes. I have two solutions for you. One is if you want to gift future Mondo posters, one is for this particular poster. One - Mondo just began carrying gift cards, so you can now gift people the money to buy Mondo merch and then you yourself don't have to stress out about trying to get one! . Click here to see how to purchase them. Idea two...
ENTER MY CONTEST! I have one of the 400 now sold out R2 posters that I'll be giving away to a lucky reader of this very holiday guide! How about that? Who loves ya', baby? I'm actually very fond of this poster, love the idea of a deconstructed R2, getting an idea where all the pieces fit. If you want to own this poster you must follow me on Twitter (@EricVespe). Sometime in the next 36 hours I will post a line of dialogue from a Star Wars movie. The first person to give me the accurate follow-up line wins R2 there. I'll make sure to update this page with the winner's name. The contest is open to the world, so follow away. I promise I won't flood your feed (much).

EXPENSIVE ($71.00-$499.99)

Keeping with the Star Wars theme, this is my favorite of the Star Wars Related posters, showing Old Ben Kenobi over the smote ruins of a few hapless Stormtroopers. It's called "A Noble Jedi Knight" and is unfortunately temporarily out of stock, but could be put on order should they get more supply. It's a 13X20 printing limited to only 150 numbered pieces. The artist is Jerry Vanderstelt. $144.99 should it come back in stock.

No matter how the next Tron film comes out I'm glad that it's causing a resurgence of memorabilia and art inspired by the original film. It's an interesting time for a Tron fan (a Tran?) and this particular image stood out to me as I was scanning different pieces of art. $149.99.

If I'm not mistaken (and I quite often am) this Sexy Skeletor print by Johnny Sampson is a nod to Burt Reynold's legendary hairy sweaty God Playgirl photoshoot. If so, bravo Mr. Sampson. Skeletor needed more hair, though. We're talking Robin Williams hairy. If you have the means, this could possibly be the best gag gift ever. Or if you have that Masters of the Universe fan buddy that just obsesses over that world I'm sure they'd love it. $75.00. Poor Battlecat.
FOR THE SUPER RICH ONLY ($500.00 and Up)
You know those lenticular old timey portraits that change into something horrible as you walk past? Like this:

If you have a spare $500-$800 you can go to this site and have your own personalized morphing horror photo. It can be modern day and color or old timey, sepia or B/W. Whatever you want. The varying price depends on the complexity of the transformation and how willing of a participant you are. I see serious potential to freak friends and family out with this. Rich people have all the fun!


CHEAP ($24.99 and Under)

The Alamo's Badass Cinemas shirts have become quite iconic thanks to nice design work and celebrity fans that like to wear them all the time (I'm thinking of you, Jonah Hill) on national TV and stuff. As I was writing this I saw these two new additions to the Alamo's shirt lines come in and had to feature them because they rock. The one above is obviously a little nod to Omni Consumer Products and the one below... well, it's pretty obvious. ADC shirt will run you $24.00.

That's a thing of beauty, me droogs. I hope they make then in fat people sizes so I can sport 'em around Austin! $24.00

Shirt speaks for itself. $17.99.

Peter Venkmann T-Shirt. You've been slimed! Two in the box! Ready to go! We be fast and they be slow! $23.99.

It's the simple things, you know? I'd crack up (in a good way) if I ran across that shirt randomly on the street. $19.99

That's the reason I love Fright Rags. Who else in the world would make a Lady In White Tee Shirt? Black Friday sale right now, $14.96.

This is one of my favorite horror shirt designs ever. Very smart with the use of twin/mirror imagery. Great shirt for a great movie. Fright-Rags Black Friday Sale $14.96.

This Darth Vader Apron ridiculous. But kind of awesome. Can it be both? I think it is! Ridiculawesome! Trademark it! $24.99 for Vader Apron... you can also get a Slave Leia Apron, too. See it here!

This is for all you horror gamers and/or lovers of shitty Paul WS Anderson movies out there. It's an Umbrella umbrella! And only $14.99.

Motion Tracker Tee-Shirts! Like Aliens, but only if all the xenomorphs were wearing other Motion Tracker Tees. For $9.99 that's still awesome. "I've got readings in front and behind! What the hell?!?"
MODERATE ($25.00-$70.99)

Star Trek Cuff Links. That's right, I went a little high brow (as high brow as one can get with Starfleet insignias on your sleeve). Didn't expect that after all those T-Shirts, did ya'? I've seen these in person. Very cool, even to a middle of the heap, non-obsessive Trek fan as I am. $64.99

Ring of Dracula, a prop replica you can wear and pretend you're Forry Ackerman, who was keeper of the original Bela Lugosi Dracula ring for years. I didn't ever really speak with Uncle Forry, but I did see him at a Con once and he was indeed wearing the original ring this replica was molded from. I love that something this cool, this specific and this detailed could be got for such a low price. Pre-order now for a January release! Only $44.95.

The Pac-Man Hoodie! You can be covered in ghosts and a giant mouth with no eyes and not be creepy with this hoodie! $49.95.

This Boba Fett Backpack would have made me king of the playground in the late '80s. Just sayin'. $34.99.

You might get teased in school if you're a little girl that has a Star Wars cup (if you're reading this, little girl, in a few years if you still love Star Wars you'll have your pick of men who would murder for you while the popular kids soon become insurance salesmen) and you'd get teased double if you had this backpack, but it's still kind of cute. For a kid. Not an obese man blocking the aisle at Comic-Con (that's my job!) $59.99.
EXPENSIVE ($71.00-$499.99)

I'd like to think that some rich nerd who just won the lottery or whose parents just sold their start-up tech company or something is reading this and is going to buy this ridiculous Tony Stark Racing Jacket and the really sweet, but goddamn expensive Iron Man 2 briefcase and walk around trying to re-enact the Monaco race sequence. Doubtful, but I'm delirious at this point, so these fantasies are all I have to keep me going. $324.99.

These guys recreated the Pink Nightmare from A Christmas Story and have probably caused a few soul-crushing Christmas mornings for some kids with parents that have a horrible sense of humor. What the hell, if I had a kid I'd make him dress up as a Pink Rabbit before giving him a BB gun, too, so I guess I'm part of the problem. $59.99-$99.99 depending on what size.

There really is no real world practical use for Luke's Ceremonial Jacket and Medal from the end of Star Wars... at least none that I can think of, barring walking around at Comic Conventions, of course. But it's still kind of cool that the Star Wars Shop is selling this. Definitely worth a window-shop pause if nothing else. $274.99.


This is an odd new category... I just kept finding weird kitchen accessories and house-hold things that I wanted to include, but they didn't really have a place they fit. In years past I'd shuffle one or two over into toys or collectibles, but let's try this out. Home Type Doo-Dads... riiiiiiiissssseeeee.... CHEAP ($24.99 and Under)

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter. Outrageous! Fantastic! Why not? I have one, it actually works. $24.99.

White Castle Scented Candle. No shit. Great idea? Or Greatest idea? $9.99.

Bomb Candles that actually have sparking wicks. That's pretty awesome. $7.99.

App Magnets to make your fridge look like your phone. $12.99.

Okay, a Space Slug Oven Mitt is kinda clever... especially when there's a little Millennium Falcon painted in its throat. ($19.99.

Shark Fin Ice Cubes. Big surprise I think this is cool, right? Heh. $9.99.

I really dig these Polluted Glasses. Sick humor. My kind of humor. I'd drink a whole lot of Green Kool-Aid if I had these. $14.99.

You recognize that, don't you? You can't quite place it. Imagine Chevy Chase and Randy Quaid drinking eggnog from them. Bingo! Those are the Christmas Vacation Moose Mugs! Random, I know, but someone did make them and they're kind of awesome. $21.99.

An Apperture Science Mug. For when you're doing science and making a neat gun. I've heard the cake is a lie, though... Sorry, if it looked to you like I was just hit with a horrible computer virus that put out random words, I apologize. But you really need to go play Portal. Do it for the children. And for society. And, of course, for science. $12.99.

Atari Pint Glasses. Now those are sharp. I bet this becomes a popular gift for the late 20s/early 30s guys out there. Nostalgia bone, you've been tickled! $24.99.
MODERATE ($25.00-$70.99)

Space Invaders Coasters... I have no idea why they're so expensive, but you have to agree they go super well with those Atari Pint Glasses, right? $59.99.

Now these coasters a slightly less expensive and really damn cool if you're a Dexter fan. They even come in a wooden box with slots in them, like glass slides. I've seen these up close and they're nice. $34.99.

Cthuthlu Weenie Roaster makes such a great impression gift. If I hadn't already found something for Harry this is probably what I would have gotten him. He loves the Dark One as do a surprising amount of people. $35.00.

You might be confused... I was when I first saw that ugly bastard. I was excited, thinking it was a Dark Helmet (from Spaceballs) toy, but alas it is not. That is a Darth Vader Nutcracker, so there's not too big of a disappointment there. It's still weird as sin... but if you think that's too much... just wait. You can pick lop-sided Vader-cracker up for $34.99.

A Captain Kirk Nutcracker? Who thought that was a good idea? Seriously, I want to know... because I want to shake that man (or woman)'s hand. That's the most weird, out of left field awesome thing ever. And cheaper than Dark Helmet up there, too. $29.99.

Out of all the weird Star Wars merchandising stuff, the one I'm the most compelled by, for some reason, is this Garden Jawa. Maybe it's my irrational fear of gnomes (fuck you, David!) or maybe it's the near two days I've been awake (no kidding) getting this article ready, but I really dig this thing. Am I crazy? $34.99.

If I'm going to be brutally honest, it's this item that pushed me over into this new category. I had to feature it, it's just one of those "I can't believe nobody thought of that before" ideas that I couldn't overlook. A Pitfall Croc Doormat is just too good. $49.99.
EXPENSIVE ($71.00-$499.99)

If you put this in your house I'll be your best friend. $75.00.

Wampa Throw Rug. Why not? What else is left at this point? $99.99.

Death Star Wall Mural! Look at that thing! I've never heard of this site before, but there seem to be a few reviews that have high praise for this Death Star... which is forkin' awesom

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