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Hercules Has Seen Friday’s Premiere Of The Cartoon Network’s YOUNG JUSTICE!!

I am – Hercules!! Let me just interrupt here the busiest Thanksgiving weekend ever to throw a little love at The Cartoon Network’s “Young Justice,” a quasi-sequel to both “Justice League Unlimited” and “Teen Titans,” but set in its own continuity. What I like about it: * This could turn out to be the most inclusive cartoon DC Universe yet, with a Justice League that sports not only Batman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, Flash and their sidekicks, but also Captain Marvel, Hawkman, two Green Lanterns – Hal Jordan (finally) AND John Stewart – and old man magician crimefighter Zatara (whose membership in this series’ Justice League suggests a girl magician may soon to joining the sidekick squad.) The first 16 episodes are said to utilize 135 DC comics characters. * It’s set on Earth-16, with a Dick Grayson Robin and a Wally West Kid Flash. * It starts out a lot better than the War of the Worlds storyline that launched the “Justice League” TV show. * Its voice cast includes Bruce Greenwood as Batman, Alan Tudyk as Green Arrow, Danica McKellar as Miss Martian and George Eads as Flash. * There are strong hints this series will employ more continuity than any prior DC-derived series. * The credits give props to Kane, Siegel, Shuster, Marston AND Joseph Samachson (the latter for creating J’onn Jonzz, Manhunter From Mars). * Some of the design work used in the series is quite striking. An hour-long first episode arrives tonight and the rest of its first season launches sometime in January. 7 p.m. Black Friday. The Cartoon Network.
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