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TRON-itize your Favorite Vintage Film Moment to win a seat at BUTT-NUMB-A-THON 12!!!

Hey folks, Harry here... I don't know if you're excited about TRON LEGACY quite like me. I'm a hardcore fan. Had ALL the toys as a kid, and thought way hard and way strong about the concept of TRON, the implications of a Buddhist style digital belief system that's existence could change everything we understand about reality at a fairly intense level. Eastern belief systems believe in affecting objects, that everything you drink from, everything you touch, you affect for all time. The notion of creator rights, whether it be how you raise your kids, how you live your life, and what happens to your creative endeavors - and how there's a part of the creator in those things. Thus... Whedon is in this new BUFFY - and there's nothing that the folks messing with it can do to separate Whedon from the Buffyverse... It is mainlined. They'll try change it, but the reality is... We'll always see not only what Whedon created when we see that film, but the new input of the new creators - and we'll either reject or accept that. I'm not sure why I'm going into my weird TRON religious beliefs - but the film is out there now. It's is barreling towards us all and I really wanted to do something creative and fun regarding TRON LEGACY with the site, and I proposed a contest that got shot down, because it couldn't get approved. SO... Out of the sheer fucking love of TRON... I'm doing the contest, because I really want to see the entries, and I think people will have a whole lot of fun doing this - and frankly... it ties into how my brain and hopefully some of your brains work too. What I'm asking is not easy. BUT - for one individual - this could be your chance to go to BUTT-NUMB-A-THON: THE DIRTY DOZENTH. Take your favorite film moment & TRONITIZE it. It can be long enough for a single line of dialogue or moment of action. But with a little dedicated ROTO work and maybe layering a bit of DAFT PUNKs score... You could be sitting for what I feel is probably the strongest vintage programmed BNAT I've done. I'm giddy about it. I was trying to get killer cool TRON Merch for the contest, but when I couldn't - I thought - what's the most valuable thing I can give away right now - and well... A seat for BNAT this coming December 11-12th - Noon to Noon at the Alamo Drafthouse South in Austin, Tx. Seems right. Now, because talent needs a challenge, the deadline for submission is this Saturday the 27th at Midnight. Now, I know there's some of you awesome talented geeks out there, without plans for the Holiday - and you're thinking... I could totally do this. Well do it. Drop me an email at Hk at AintItCool.Com - with the Subject line: You Speak Treason. Fluently. Exactly like that. Then a link to your YouTube or other Video Sharing, but embeddable content. I will post several of my faves, but in the tradition of HIGHLANDER, there can be only one. NOW - if you can't make it to BNAT, but you still want to compete, include your mailing address, and I'll make sure I have 1 BNAT GOODIE BAG filled with the amazing Goodies from BNAT.

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