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Merrick again... TheWrap says that Zemeckis' publicist has "has emphatically denied that he'll be involved in the project." More HERE. Note that the publicist is specifically disavowing Zemeckis' involvement - not necessarily the project's existence (not that it would necessarily be his/her place to do so). More if we learn more.

Merrick here...
Deadline says that Warner Bros. is in "early talks" with Robert Zemeckis about a potential remake of THE WIZARD OF OZ. At this time, it appears said project would use the script of 1939's adaptation of L. Frank Baum's source material . That's "the Judy Garland one." Warners has been looking to re-approach the property for some time now. At one point they were in discussions with Todd McFarlane about realizing his TWISTED LAND OF OZ figure line on the big screen, which ultimately gave way to a different approach by then scripter Josh Olsen (who'd previously adapted John Wagner's A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE for David Cronenberg). As such, news that Warners is looking to make a splashy revisit to OZ is hardly surprising, although this is the first indication we've had that The Powers That Be were mulling such a direct remake. We'll see how this plays out. And while we're waiting we have several other high-profile OZ pictures on the way from various sources: Sam Raimi will soon direct THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, a prequel which shows us how that balloonist guy got to OZ and ended up posing as a "Wizard", and there's also a CGI musical adaption for which we recently saw some interesting images (HERE). And, somewhere out there, is a John Boorman CGI adaptation that we've heard little or nothing about lately, although we ran some intriguing developmental art from the picture a while back which really, really pissed off one of the companies that's making it. Will this project cannibalize the 1939 film's iconic designs? Or any of its score (songs or otherwise)? More as we know more.

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