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This is why we should kick Entertainment Tonight in the Vag, GREEN LANTERN Trailer Hits Net Early, Looks Great!

Hey folks, Harry here and dear God, I hate ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT. The idea that they were handed this trailer, and cut the 30 second ET preview that they did... Seriously... take a look at this "Spanish Subtitled" Trailer that BadassDigest alerted the web to. Here's the trailer, and if you want the perfect APPLE Quicktime Orgasmtron Trailer: Click Here

I am personally jazzed beyond all belief. Having read the script, I know the tone isn't 'goofy'. I know that the film isn't focused upon being "sexy" like ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT would have you believe. No, this film will simply be awesome. If it isn't, I demand everyone's heads responsible. GREEN LANTERN is meant to be cool, crazy cool. Personally, I think this is crazy cool. Watch as some of the images here bitchslap your geek brain, as if to say... Yeah... This Exists. And I will see it many times if they make it up to potential.

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