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Coaxial Source: Warner Bros. Developing Live-Action Batman TV Series To Follow DARK KNIGHT RISES!!

I am – Hercules!! has an unnamed source that says Warner Bros. is contemplating following up Christopher Nolan’s 2012 sequel “The Dark Knight Rises” not with a another Batman feature but rather a new live-action Batman series that would see the Caped Crusader combat The Joker. The story suggests the new series would be aimed at “young adult audiences,” which suggests to me this is Warner’s latest stab at trying to fill the superhero vacuum “Smallville” will leave behind when The CW stops airing it in May. Recall that CW predecessor The WB in 2002 mounted a series focusing on the daughter of Batman, Helena Kyle, who fought crime with the aid of Barbara Gordon, the Joker-crippled former Batgirl. The CW was also for a time developing something called "The Greysons," which would have followed Bruce Wayne's lad sidekick when he was an even younger boy wonder. Find all of ComicBookMovie’s story on the matter here.
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