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CBS Corrals Ron Moore’s

I am – Hercules!! “Hawaii Five-0” continues to win its timslot, and I’m guessing this has emboldened CBS to commission longtime “Star Trek” writer-producer Ron Moore to co-write a pilot for a remake of “The Wild Wild West,” another CBS staple launched in the 1960s. The original “West” combined two elements of “Mad Men”-era zeitgeist – James Bond and the TV western. “West” was an awesome series. Central character James West was a late 19th century Secret Service agent who investigated out-West uncanny on behalf of U.S. president U.S. Grant. His partner was master-of-disguise Artemis Gordon. The agents employed and encountered all manner of anachronistic technology. I think the kids today call it steam punk. And, as with "Hawaii Five-0," its theme song rocked. “Men In Black” boys Barry Sonnenfeld and Will Smith created an unworthy big-budget 1999 movie version. Moore, of course, was behind one of the most creatively successful TV reboots ever, the 21st century version of "Battlestar Galactica." He also just sold a Coast Guard action-adventure pitch “The McCulloch” to NBC. Find all of Deadline’s exclusive on the matter here.
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