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'Good actors, never use the script' - Jessica Alba

Merrick here...
In December's ELLE magazine, Jessica Alba says...
“Good actors, never use the script unless it’s amazing writing. All the good actors I’ve worked with, they all say whatever they want to say.”
To be completely fair, Ms. Alba does not specifically state that she, herself, doesn't "use" screenplays. Although, it wouldn't be a stretch to make such an inference - and her not paying attention to the scripts put before her might explain the generally unremarkable quality of the projects in which she chooses to appear. Whatever the case, screenwriter John August (CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY, BIG FISH, CHARLIE'S ANGELS) called her out on his blog. Among the highlights of his rebuttal:
Following your logic, you’ve never been in a movie with both good actors and amazing writing. That may be true, but it might hurt the feelings of David Wain, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller. You’re saying your co-stars who delivered their lines as written are not “good actors.” Awkward.
And there's more to be found HERE. We don't tend to run too many "gossip" pieces on AICN - as a matter of both preference and mission statement. But this particular matter is odd, intriguing, and potentially illustrative. It'll be interesting to see how all of this plays out.
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