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THE DIRTY DOZENTH List... BNAT 12 - BUTT-NUMB-A-THON... These folks are Mandom!

Hey folks, Harry here with the lucky, talented & ungodly enthusiastic audience members of the 12th annual BUTT-NUMB-A-THON, known as THE DIRTY DOZENTH! Films are being confirmed, goodies are being acquired for the bags, tricks & torments aplenty are being planned & prepared. But most of all, the best part of the process. The most torturous for me - picking the Audience is done. I held back some seats, like always - for "talent" and for the team members of the Drafthouse that help make all this possible... and when we found out that due to Fire Marshall rules we can't do folding chairs, that cut our audience down even smaller than any year other than our year at the RITZ. This is for everyone that applied and didn't get in, you are worthy. You are all awesome. I have to make at least 70 SOPHIE'S CHOICES every year that I do this, but with the videos and the pictures and just some of the heart and soul you people poured into these applications, I want you to know. I read them and I've watched them. I wish I could welcome all of you to this, my favorite day of the year - it'd be cool to hear what you thought worked and didn't. To share those awkward bathroom moments when we run into each other. Don't give up hope. Several folks that have never gotten in, got in this year - and I wish more could have. But... FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT ARE ON THIS LIST... Know that you're in for the best fucking day of your year. You're going to meet friends you never would have met otherwise. You'll get in strangers cars as though they've been life long friends. You're going to see some really fun stuff - and this year, I'm really excited about - because this year will be MANDOM. As soon as we find out all the costs for prints and tricks - we'll have the ticket page opened up and ready to sell. I'll publish an alert on AICN - and we'll also email all of you to come get your tickets. NOW - if you're coming with someone and they drop out, tickets are not transferable. Unclaimed seats go back into the hamper for STAND BYS. That information will be published around a week before the event. For now - to the following 166... This is going to be an experience you're going to share with the best audience ever. In the coming weeks, I'll be posting some of my favorite Mandom videos and BNAT pics. Unfortunately, I will never publish my BNAT pic online. Because... it is pure evil. Pure. Only BNATTERS get to judge me. 1. Aaron W Dunn 2. Alan Wayne Cerny 3. Alicia Marie Rutledege 4. Alma Jacqueline Salcedo 5. Alyssa Marie Saucedo 6. Amada Marquez 7. Americo Philip Capoferri 8. Amy Marie Stomberg 9. Andy Howell 10. Angela Grace Behm 11. Anna Elizabeth Harrod 12. Anthony Vincent Vespe 13. Ashley Michelle Hazlewood 14. Ashley Renee Woodall 15. Barbara Pauline Kennedy 16. Becky Kapes Osmon 17. Benjamin Andrew Martin 18. Benjamin Ernest Harrison 19. Benjamin Gregory Bartley 20. Bernadette Elaine Johnson 21. Bethany Lynn Link 22. Brady Dean Dial 23. Brandon Earl Toohey 24. Brian Arnold Behm 25. Brian Mason Satterwhite 26. Brian Steven Day 27. Carolee Mitchell 28. Catherine Anne Horlick 29. Charles Lawrence Rodgers 30. Christi Michelle Cromer 31. Christopher Aaron Jones 32. Christopher Burgess Speidel 33. Christopher Jepsen Bowlsby 34. Christopher Lee Moore 35. Christopher Robert Cargill 36. Christopher Ryan Palmer 37. Colleen Dolores Gaddis 38. Daisy Marie De La Torre 39. Daniel Campbell MacKinlay 40. Dannie Helen Lorraine Knowles 41. Darrell Ray Golliher Jr 42. Darrell Carl Tange 43. David Christian Wilson 44. David Thorr Thompson 45. Derek Franklin Mahr 46. Diana Del Mar De La Torre 47. Dshanya Armbruster Reese 48. Edward Peter Steadman Kelly 49. Elijah Jordan Wood 50. Elizabeth Louise Younger 51. Emily Marie Hagins 52. Emily Rosemary Rauber Rodriguez 53. Emily Shepard Alder 54. Eric David Vespe 55. Eric Franklin Burgess 56. Eric Leonard Tucker 57. Ernie Cline 58. Filip Carl Martin Tegstedt 59. Gary Allen Miller 60. Glenn Farley Leavell 61. Gordon LeRoy Jones 62. Hailey Jean Miller 63. Harry Jay Knowles 64. Heidi Ann Zarse 65. Holly Ambrosia Blain 66. J. Jay Knowles 67. Jack Pattillo 68. James Detriech Froeschle 69. James Fitzgerald Meshbane 70. James Herman Wesson 71. James Lee Paisley 72. Jamie S. Landau 73. Jarrette Taylor Moats 74. Jed Strahm 75. Jenifer Kathleen Bryan 76. Jennifer Lynn Klumpp 77. Jennifer Tamara Hoyt 78. Jeremy Daniel Smith 79. Jessica Renay Reynolds Cargill 80. Joan Socorro Sullivan 81. John Alan Carpenter 82. John Alan Weber, Jr, but you mofos betta call me JJ or Jethro! 83. John Robert Osmon 84. John Walter Smith 85. Jonathan William Peele 86. Josjua Alexander Alder 87. Joshua David Leland Emanuel 88. Karl Angus Zimmerman 89. Kevin Peter Biegel 90. Kimberly Marie Thompson-Jones 91. Kristen Ariana Boykin 92. Krister Joel Temme 93. Kristoffer Aaron Morgan 94. Laura Claire Harlin 95. Lauren Barron 96. Lauren Laws 97. Lauren Ellig Lenzen 98. Lee Matthew VanWallene 99. Leigh Mercedes Harris 100. Lyrae Anne Anderson 101. Marcus Ray Owens 102. Mark Daniel Wensel 103. Mary Catherine Abbondondelo 104. Masha Serdobintseva Speidel 105. Maxim Philip Pozderac 106. Megan Anne Dougherty Hagins 107. Meghan Aine Murphy 108. Meghan Marguerite McCain 109. Melissa Sue Kaercher 110. Michael Aaron Saulters 111. Michael Andrew McWeeny 112. Michael Loren McCutchen 113. Michael Newberry James Cameron 114. Michaela Elaine Chandler McGuffey Morgan 115. Mindy Lynne Constant 116. Moises Walter Chiullan 117. Natalia Covarrubias 118. Natasha Ann Petentler 119. Neil Reece 120. Nicholas Vincent Catalano 121. Nick Wilson 122. Nicky Jayne Wilson 123. Omar Salinas 124. Pamela Kathleen Nail 125. Patricia Cho Knowles 126. Patricia Clare Wick 127. Patrick James Pendergast 128. Paul Andre Gandersman 129. Paul Victor Alvarado-Dykstra 130. Perrin Andrew Klumpp 131. Peter Joseph Sciretta 132. Radoje Zakic 133. Raul Ramirez 134. Rebecca Ann Elliott 135. Rian Johnson 136. Richard Marion Heim III 137. Rob Matthew Biegel 138. Robert O'Neal Thomas III 139. Robert Wayne Jones 140. Rodney D. Perkins 141. Rodney Wayne Nunley 142. Roland Dirk Denoie 143. Romeo Jean Azar 144. Ruby Leigh Young 145. Sam Graham 146. Sarey Elizabeth Monster 147. Scott Michael Beggs 148. Sean Michael Messinger 149. Sean Thomas Lavery 150. Shaya Dillon Clark 151. Simeon Charles Peebler 152. Steven Charles Prokopy 153. Stuart Mackie Thompson 154. Susan Katrusia Hydzik 155. Susana Soliz 156. Tamar Teifeld 157. Tami Lyn Cerny 158. Thomas Alexander Stadlauer 159. Timothy McCanlies 160. Walker Eugene Dollahon 161. Wesley Ryan Dodd 162. Windy Therese Bowlsby 163. Zachariah Nathaniel Wood 164. Darrell Wesley Heidenreich 165. Jennifer Hope Gray 166. Jeff "the Jew" Mahler Jeff, I didn't forget you, I just saved the best for last. Darrell & Jennifer... Paul DIni distracted me with an exciting phone call and I lost track of where I was in the list, that is why you are out of order. Everyone else? SEE YOU AT BNAT!!! WOO-HOO!!!

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