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WALKING DEAD Mastermind Frank Darabont Addresses The Readership Of Ain’t It Cool!!

I am – Hercules!! We decided we would limit yesterday's "Walking Dead" contest to 24 hours. Meaning that, as I'm posting this, it could still be going on. It lasted all of seven minutes. "Walking Dead" writer-producer-director, the great Frank Darabont, has words for the readers of AICN:
Herc! Man, this was fun! Thanks for doing this... I love that I got to see it happen. As for ZomBea indeed! You nailed the tougher answer in, what, 9 seconds flat? You’re like Dustin Hoffman counting toothpicks in RAIN MAN. Herc and I had a little side-bet going that nobody would get that answer, but yours came in like a fastball over home plate. Congratulations to you, and to all those who spotted it. Congratulations to ALL the winners. Those who won the crew t-shirt may enjoy knowing it was designed by Greg Nicotero and proudly displays glorious Charlie Adlard art on the back! Charlie’s illustration depicts zombified versions of me, Gale Anne Hurd, Greg Nicotero, and several other crew members. (I’m the zombie in the Hawaiian shirt in front; Greg and Gale are right behind me, to the left and right respectively.) And of course I’m happy to do the autographs as requested. (ZomBea, I’ll have Drew sign your Giclee along with me...he’s got a way to do it tastefully so it doesn’t mess with the art.) More than anything, I asked Herc to post this so I can send out heartfelt thanks to all the AICN readers who’ve tuned in to support our show. We’re thrilled by your great enthusiasm and positive reactions. You’ve got us stoked. If there’s a second season (there isn’t yet, despite rumors), rest assured we’ll keep busting butt to give you a show you’ll enjoy. Here endeth my shout-out to you all! Big zombie love, Frank
Episode two of "The Walking Dead" airs 10 p.m. Sunday on AMC.
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