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ScoreKeeper's CD Soundtrack Round-Up: May-Oct 2010 - BATMAN, KRULL, ROCKY IV, TOOTSIE, OUTLAND, and More!

Greetings! ScoreKeeper here with a special Summer CD Roundup: Fall Edition just in time to help you fill out your Christmas list to Santa Claus. I've yakked endlessly about how the major soundtrack labels are continuing to impress each and every month with amazing must-own-now titles that are depleting soundtrack fans' bank accounts worldwide. It's been an absolutely fantastic year for re-released or never-before-released soundtracks (perhaps the best ever?). I wanted to get a roundup article out a couple months ago but have been swamped with an avalanche of soundtracky goodness. It was imperative I get at least one more roundup written before the end of the year so here it goes... (Click the album cover for more information including audio samples and orders.)

La-La Land Records

BATMAN (1989) - Danny Elfman [2CD-Set Limited Edition of 5,000 copies] - A classic! What more can I say? For the first time ever Elfman's career-establishing score for BATMAN is given the royal treatment with 144 minutes of music released over two CDs. The album features the unreleased film version of the score as well as a remastered presentation of the 1989 soundtrack album including never-before-released bonus tracks.

KRULL (2010) - James Horner [2CD-Set Limited Edition of 3,000 copies] - Although this score has been released in various forms before, it's long been out-of-print and never has received the royal treatment like La-La Land is apt to do. This is a favorite amongst Horner disciples and general soundtrack enthusiasts alike. A note on the La-La Land homepage notes that there are less than 200 copies remaining so get your's before they're gone!

ALIEN: RESURRECTION (1997) - John Frizzell [2CD-Set Limited Edition of 3,500 copies] While not quite as popular as Goldsmith's ALIEN (1979) or Horner's ALIENS (1986) score, John Frizzell's contribution to the ALIEN musical compendium is a noble effort and worthy of La-La Land's attention. It rests well along side my expanded scores from the first two films. Perhaps Goldenthal's ALIEN3 (1992) is just around the corner??

GREYSTOKE: THE LEGEND OF TARZAN (1984) - John Scott [Limited Edition of 3,000 copies] This is a very interesting release. I don't know if I personally would've placed it on my list of fifty scores I'm dying to have but now that I have it I'm really glad I do. John Scott is a name we don't think of terribly often but he's done some exceptional work including this mid-80's staple.

HUMAN TARGET (2010) - Bear McCreary [3CD-Set Limited Edition of 2,000 copies] Super cool! So what do the good folks at La-La Land Records do with music from a hit television show composed by a super-star television composer? Release a CD? How about two CDs? Let's make it 3 CDs!! I love La-La Land's commitment to McCreary's work and this is proof positive. I actually have only seen a few episodes of this show but it has a great main title, it's scored with an orchestra each week, and is among the upper echelon of television scoring today. I can't wait to dive into this set!

LOST IN SPACE (2010) - John Williams et. al [2CD-Set Limited Edition of 5,000 copies] This was actually released several years ago and I'm amazed there are even copies still available. It might have been my first truly cherished La-La Land title in my collection. I post it here today because La-La Land has a note on their homepage that there are less than 400 copies available and they're selling it for the paltry sum of $4.98. That's more than 65 minutes of music from televisions' greatest composers of the day including John Williams, Alexander Courage, Herman Stein, Gerald Fried, and others, all for less than five bucks. Snag it before La-La Land comes to their senses.

Film Score Monthly

OUTLAND (1981) - Jerry Goldsmith [2CD-Set Limited Edition of 5,000 copies] - Film Score Monthly is no slouch when it comes to releasing mega-cool scores and giving them the full royal treatment. One of FSM's latest is a great Goldsmith score. This set features the complete full score along with the original soundtrack album.

BUTTERFIELD 8: BRONISLAU KAPER at M-G-M, VOLUME 1 (1954-1962) - Bronislau Kaper [3CD-Set Limited Edition of 1,200 copies] - FSM has been releasing these mini-box sets of obscure scores from classic Golden Age films and I've been soaking as many up as I possibly can. You may not be familiar with the work of Bronislau Kaper but you should be. I have to admit that I am not as versed in his work as I want but this set helps tremendously in remedying that malady. This set features music from THE POWER AND THE PRIZE (1956), HER TWELVE MAN (1954), SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME (1956), ADA (1961), TWO LOVES (1961), BUTTERFIELD 8 (1960), and MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (1962).

TOOTSIE (1982) - Dave Grusin [Limited Edition of 3,000 copies] This is a very famous film with some surprising popular music which has never been released on CD until now. Dave Grusin has composed some amazing scores and songs for films and the 1980's seem to harvest his best work. This CD features the original soundtrack originally released on LP by Warner Bros. along with bonus cues, additional score cues, and alternate versions all in stereo.

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION - THE RON JONES PROJECT (1987-1999) [14CD-Set Limited Edition of 5,000 copies] - I wrote about this when Film Score Monthly first announced it several months ago. I've since received my copy and am diligently going through this amazing collection of music.

HAWAII FIVE-O (1969) - Morton Stevens Out with the old and in with the new? No way! Although I really love Brian Tyler's arrangement of the new "Hawaii Five-0" theme for the new series, the original classic by Morton Stevens still reigns supreme. This is a short but sweet album (priced appropriately) featuring some great music for surfing and punching thugs.

TV OMNIBUS: VOLUME ONE (1962-1976) [5CD-Set Limited Edition of 2,000 copies] - Dave Grusin, Don Ellis, Jerry Goldsmith, John Williams, Lalo Schifrin, Leonard Rosenman, et al. Since we've been focused on vintage television scores let's stay with the theme and focus on FSM's crown jewel. This massive collection of retro-television scores is a real treat to have. It features scores from some forgotten television shows including "The Phantom of Hollywood" (1974), "The Eleventh Hour" (1962-1964), "The Deadly Tower" (1975), "Assignment: Munich" (1972), "Assignment: Vienna" (1972-1973), "Then Came Bronson" (1969-1970), "Earth II" (1971), and "High Risk" (1976).


ROCKY IV (1985) - Vince DiCola - This is a short album but damned I love having it in my collection. The only slightly disappointing thing about it is that it doesn't also contain the songs. I love the score and although the songs are available elsewhere, it's nice to have the score which has never been available before now.

UNCOMMON VALOR (1983) - James Horner [Limited Edition of 3,000 copies] - I have to admit that I have not seen this film nor ever heard this score but it's early 80's James Horner so it's a must-acquire in my book. I haven't picked this one up yet but from the samples online it sounds exactly like I'd expect a 1983 Horner military score to sound and that's music to my ears.

THE DEEP (1977) - John Barry [2CD-Set Limited Edition of 3,000 copies] - I'm afraid I might have been a tad slow with this one. It came out a couple of months ago and quickly sold out at Intrada. As beloved as John Barry is, this is a must-have score for his most ardent fans as well as any casual film music enthusiasts out there. It features the original complete score along with the 1977 soundtrack album. There may be copies still floating around out there but otherwise I'm probably just pissing you off by showing you what you could've had.

SPACECAMP (1986) - John Williams [Limited Edition of 3,000 copies] - Want to know what else you missed out on? Yup. This little nugget. I think within 48 hours of its announcement it was gone.

BSX Records

TERROR IN THE AISLES (1984) - John Beal - BSX Records is one of the smaller labels but they're equally committed to releasing great film music as the big boys. Case in point...TERROR IN THE AISLES! Patch-working all the various scores of this horror clip anthology was no easy task but John Beal did an excellent job with this very unique project.

THE GOING UP OF DAVID LEV (1973) - Jerry Goldsmith - Wow, talk about obscure. I had never heard of this before BSX announced they were releasing it. But it's Jerry Goldsmith so I was already sold. I absolutely love these random obscure scores from legends like Goldsmith. It showcases not only how talented they are but prolific as well. This score is from a made-for-TV music in the seventies and it's worth owning as much as any of Goldsmith's higher-profile and more popular scores.

Tadlow Records

CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1982) - Basil Poledouris - Nic Raine and Tadlow Records specialize in re-recording classic film scores and the their latest endeavor is Poledouris' CONAN THE BARBARIAN. This 2CD set features Nic Raine conducting the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and CPPO Chorus recording the entire 100 minute film score featuring the original Greg McRitchie orchestrations. Just watch the below video and tell me you're not drooling for this.

With 2010 coming to a close I look back and marvel at what a wonderful year it's been for re-released and never-before-released gems and holy grails. You know what? I'm privy to some of what's in store for 2011 and all I can say haven't seen anything yet!! Come on 2011!!!


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