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Love the trailer for RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with the a sad story of woe to tell. I'm pretty spoiled rotten with all that I get to see early. But even when you co-own an awesome Film Festival like FANTASTIC FEST... you don't always get to see everything that you wish to see. In advance of this year's FANTASTIC FEST - my personal pick for the movie that I thought, just from the Festival write-up, that I would be able to declare as being my favorite film of FANTASTIC FEST.... well, it was this weird foreign film called RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE. I had seen one single still from the film - and the look was exquisite. I just had a feeling. At film festivals, it's usually a good thing to listen to your gut on titles. Often times, you have very little else to go for, because these are the kinds of films that don't usually end up having gargantuan propaganda campaigns to ensure that every man, woman and child on Planet Earth not only know the title, but can tell you 30 to 40 seconds of information about that title. No, here... I was just giddy to see this. Had it on my schedule, had tickets secured... And then that morning, day 4 or 5 of the Festival, the alarm went off and Yoko said - "Let's skip LEGEND OF THE FIST & sleep in" - and in my sleep deprived brain, that sounded right. That isn't to say that LEGEND OF THE FIST was worth skipping, but I knew I could get a screener of that title, so I would see it eventually - and have - and it kicked much ass. As all things Donnie Yen tend to. When we awoke, two hours later, I grabbed my iPad, checked the festival app - then screamed in anguish. The film we missed wasn't LEGEND OF THE FIST, but RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE. I was so angry at my tired brain. Seriously - I was enraged at it. Then - there was no screener, the print had to fly away - and I never got to see it. But everyone did - and they loved it. In fact, it became Father Geek's favorite film of the festival - which just about guarantees that it would be mine too, simply because Dad and I are literally genetically aligned when it comes to film. SO - the trailer hits over at APPLE - and my god, I love the look of this film!!! Just check it out!

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