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Here's a glimpse of a commercial that Stephen Hunter aka BOMBUR in THE HOBBIT did for Toyota!

Hey folks, Harry here - now that everything is settled on THE HOBBIT - and I can allow my inner Hobbit mega-geek to step out bare-footed and partaking of the halflings' leaf - I can really start dorking out about this film. Now - it is a little hard, because the cast at this point is fairly obscure - much like the last time out with LORD OF THE RINGS, but part of the fun of that is tracking down and becoming familiar with these actors. In particular, one of my fave dwarves is Bombur. I don't know why, but ever since I was a kid and I first watched that Rankin Bass cartoon of THE HOBBIT, I've been fond of Bombur. I think it is because when Bilbo falls in the cave and gets lost - Bombur was the only dwarf to show concern for Bilbo - and that translated to me big time as a kid. So - Who is this Stephen Hunter? He's done some NZ Television work, but mostly... I'm not familiar, but a spider with the most famous of webs wrote with a link to the below Commercial. SO - if you want to see an extreme Dwarf - here ya go...

Click here to check this commercial out!

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