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STAR WARS Sequel Trilogy rumors kick up again...

Hey folks, Harry here watching Garrett Gilbert pretty much destroy my will to watch Longhorn football as the Chris Simms clone continues to be a total clusterfuck. Anyway... While watching and tweeting, someone mentioned the below IESB story about a 3rd STAR WARS Trilogy, to be delivered after the 3D STAR WARS re-releases. This is not new. This has ALWAYS been George's plan. Remember last year at this time of the year? When George called it Malarky? Every source I have at Lucasfilm has continually stated that the plan is to do a third STAR WARS trilogy taking place after RETURN OF THE JEDI. But you have to realize - that talking about it, is going to make it miserable waiting for. It is DOWN THE ROAD. The only time it'll be truly exciting to talk about, is when sets officially get built, when Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford & Mark Hamill get signed to come back, and it is for real. Right now, it is just a plan. A far off plan - and plans can and do change, but it will happen when George is ready - We're all hoping that new directors will be brought in that are visionary directors. This will happen. BUT between now and then, you'll continue to hear people like Lucas, McCallum and Sansweet deny and call all such rumors as our right fabrications. That is standard Lucasfilm procedure. BECAUSE - until they're ready to announce, it does not exist. SO - I suppose it does not exist, but it will.

Here's the latest purported scoop!

Meanwhile, if you're hankering for an officially sanctioned STAR WARS movie - this is as close as you're gonna get for about 6-8 years:

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