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Quint knows what Don Coscarelli's new movie is! And more importantly he knows Paul Giamatti and The Kurgan are in it!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with an exciting bit of news for you folks. Don Coscarelli, the director of the Phantasm films and, more recently, Bubba Ho-Tep has a new feature currently shooting. He’s been leaving some cryptic (all puns intended) messages on his newly formed Twitter account (@DonCoscarelli) and I’ve got the scoop on what that is and who’s in it!

It’s been known for a little while that Mr. Coscarelli has had the rights to the novel JOHN DIES AT THE END, written by’s David Wong (real name Jason Pargin), but what hasn’t been so widely known is that Don’s been covertly filming the movie. The film is about two twenty-something losers who gain extra sensory perception via a substance called Soy Sauce, a black liquid that acts like a potent drug, but seemingly has a mind of its own. They see a lot of crazy shit… mustaches ripping off of people’s faces, a monster made of cold cuts and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. John Dies At The End is a great book, laugh out loud funny and bizarre. It’s like Terry Gilliam wrote a Douglas Adams story in the vein of Ghostbusters. I highly recommend picking up a copy of the book if you enjoy reading things that are good.

Or you can wait for the movie and let it wash all over you that way, you illiterate bastard. If Don Coscarelli isn’t enough for you (shame on you) let’s add two names to this list: Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown. Giamatti plays a reporter the lead character is telling his story to and Brown is a supernatural expert who really knows what he’s doing, not like the clueless kids trying to fight the forces of evil. Giamatti’s also producing the film with his producing partner Dan Carey alongside Brad Baruh and Coscarelli himself. The two leads are played by newcomers Chase Williamson and Rob Mayes. I was on set for two nights and will have my set report to you as soon as they give me the greenlight, but I will say I liked these guys together and if what I saw was any indication of what the final film is going to end up being you’ll be hearing a lot about both of these guys in the future. So, there you have it. Don Coscarelli is behind the camera again and he has Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown doing his bidding! Don’t think I’d leave you with just boring old words. Not me. I’m a visual guy! Here’s a shot to tease you a little.

I’ll be back with more on the flick as soon as I’m able! -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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