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Look at the newest in both the Star Trek and Star Wars poster lines from the Alamo's Mondo and perhaps win a set!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. There has long been a divide between fans of Star Trek and Star Wars, a sci-fi geek civil war where nerd brother fought nerd brother. Chaos. Insanity. A rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. In the '80s Star Wars ruled supreme but for brief pockets of Trek punching through, ultimately dominating sci-fi TV once again in the void that Return of the Jedi left. It's not an easy war, horrors on both side, be it The Phantom Menace of The Final Frontier. I personally grew up a Star Wars kid, but I'd blanch at the thought of picking whether Wrath of Khan or The Empire Strikes Back would be erased from existence. Ricardo Montalban's iconic villainous turn or Vader bitch choking half the Empire brass? Lord help me, but I'd let Khan fall off the cliff and save Empire, all Good Son style, but I'd feel super bad about it. What cruel movie god would make me chose between the two?!? I am no God, but I will be forcing you to make a choice if you want to win a set of Mondo's limited run of prints for their Star Trek and Star Wars poster lines. You're going to get a first look at these posters below. Let's see 'em before I tell ya' how exactly to win them! Both pieces are by artist Tom Whalen are limited to well under 300 prints. Ch-ch-check 'em out!

We're going to experiment with a different kind of contest for these, a talkback contest. I know, it's kinda scary, but you and me will brave it together. What I want from you is a declarative statement on which is superior, Star Trek or Star Wars. The catch is I want it in 10 words or less. If you wish to comment on the posters, the article or the topic feel free, but your submission should be one single talkback devoted to your statement. Dig? Mondo's been really good about keeping their contest open to people all over the world, so all you foreigners can have a shot at winning this impressive and very sought after set. Previous posters in both lines have sold out in a matter of minutes and have gone for big bucks on eBay, so think hard and come up with something incredibly true or incredibly funny. Or incredibly funny because it's true! You have 24 hours, from 2:30-ishpm CST today, Thursday October 21st, to 2:30pm CST tomorrow, October 22nd, to state your short case. I'll be reading over the talkbacks and will be consulting with the Mondo honcho Justin Ishmael on the winner. Make sure to keep an eye on the talkback, especially if your email address registered to the account isn't your main one, as I'll need to get in touch with you if you're the winner and get all your info. For those of you who just want to buy the poster, Mondo will be making an announcement sometime during the day tomorrow via their Twitter (@MondoNews) when the virtual stores open. Good luck everybody! -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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