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James Cameron Talks Two AVATAR Sequels, Hints At Sigourney Weaver's Return, And More!!

Merrick here...
At a recent press day for the upcoming Blu-Ray re-issuance of AVATAR - featuring an even longer edit of the film than was recently re-released into theaters (it'll also be available on standard DVD) - James Cameron discussed the status of future AVATAR films. In short, the plan seems to be two shoot AVATAR sequels - and release them approximately one year apart. Cameron pointedly says he will not work on another film in-between the shooting of said sequels, although he does confirm recent reports that he's very seriously looking into directing Angelina Jolie's CLEOPATRA project before diving into further AVATAR pictures. That project, scripted by Brian Helgeland, would be built from a book by Stacy Schiff . More on these matters, including Cameron's discussion of the challenges of writing an AVATAR novel, and the possibility of Sigourney Weaver's return in the movie sequels, can be found over at Coming Soon.
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