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Title Candidates And Character Details For The New MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE Film?!?!

Merrick here...
Leo K. sent along some details about the J.J. Abrams produced, Brad Bird directed MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE IV that's currently shooting. While Leo is (technically) an unknown/untested source to us, he/she did provide a bit substantiation for the details he/she conveyed, making all of this feel pretty solid. So, we thought we'd pass along the info below for your consideration. Some of this may or may not reiterate nuggets we've previously gleaned. Some of it is new material (like the proposed titles for the project). In summation, Leo K. says that several titles are being mulled for the new project - not the least of which is...hold your breath...wait for it....wait for it......MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE IV (or 4). Other notions being considered? MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE: PROJECT ARIES and MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL. Leo says that Lea Seydoux will play a female villain, SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE's Anil Kapoor and THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO's Michael Nyqvist will also appear as badguys. Both Jeremy Renner and Josh Holloway will appear alongside Cruise on the Impossible Missions Force, along with Paula Patton (PRECIOUS, DEJA VU). IMDB says Michael Giacchino is scoring this film. Hardly a surprise given the movie's pedigree, but I look forward to hearing his score. Thought is work in the third picture was a lot of fun.
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