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Snyder says General Zod is just a rumor for his SUPERMAN reboot

Hey Folks, Harry here... and I hope to God that Zack Snyder's response to our friends at BADTASTE.IT's question about whether or not GENERAL ZOD would be the villain of his SUPERMAN film... well... you see, Zack said that General Zod is just a rumor - and I hope it stays that way. Like most of you - I have a deep affection for SUPERMAN 2 - but I have always disliked the notion of other Kryptonians showing up on Earth. It makes SUPERMAN less... special, in a way. As for what is going on with Nolan's production of Snyder's SUPERMAN - well, we know that this film is not related to the pre-existing SUPERMAN film - because Zack said so. As for Brandon Routh - Zack hasn't commented upon that, but when I was talking to Brandon Routh back before the Austin screening of SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD - he told me that Thomas Tull, head of Legendary pictures, had sent him some super duper Physical Trainer to get him into full on SUPERMAN shape again. That said, that was a couple of months ago, before Zack became attached. Zack could want to make a complete and total break from the entire Christopher Reeve SUPERMAN saga - which Bryan Singer's chapter adhered to with Brandon. But that doesn't necessarily mean he'll recast the role, but honestly - given the hour or so I talked to Brandon - and hearing how much he wanted to play with the character and do something different than what he did in his first outing in the longjohns... it is possible. Now, I know everyone and their brother wants to KNOW what is happening on SUPERMAN - but you have to realize that with Zack coming aboard - everything changes in a sense. Zack is very much his own man - and for all we know - he could deliver the crazy ass SUPERMAN / DARKSEID film that I'd die for. He could go all BRANIAC with us. Zack could deliver one helluva DOOMSDAY film. There's no telling exactly what Nolan & Snyder will come up with. I just hope it is a BIZARRO WORLD story, but that's just a private little hope. SUPERMAN comic readers - what do you hope Snyder does with SUPERMAN?

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