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TRANSFORMERS 3 Is Now In D.C. - Bayhem Ensuing!!

Merrick here...
Bethesdacamel sent in these snapshots from filming of TRANSFORMERS 3 in Washington D.C. Here's his contextualization...
Here are two low-res pics from an action scene they filmed last night and one of Michael Bay walking around. The filming took place on Pennsylvania Ave. with the Capitol in the background. A big crash-car rescue vehicle flanked by two police SUVs (Decepticons, I assume) sped towards some police cars and soldiers. The Decepticons screeched to a halt where I'm sure they will transform on screen, and stuff started exploding and guns started firing. 30 seconds of action all-in-all, but certainly worth the three hour wait. Sorry I couldn't send something higher quality. If you use this, call me Bethesdacamel.
Huge thanks to Bethesdacamel for taking the time to send these along. When Michael Bay visits your town, this is what happens...

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