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Well, a source who obviously can't be revealed was kind enough to send this in. Is it kosher? Only time will tell. Personally, I think a Trek show focusing on Star Fleet Intelligence could rock the house bigtime. So, here's another rumour to add to the pile:

"I bet you'd like to know what the subject of the next Trek series is, right? Well, I know it. I work for Paramount (I can't tell you where, obviously, because I'd like to keep my job! Bills to pay, afterall...) and I happened to walk into Brannon Braga's office as he and Rick Berman were discussing THE NEXT SERIES. They immediately stopped as I entered but I heard enough... I've tried to keep it to myself, but being a life-long fan of Trek, I can't keep it contained any longer. All you Trek fans out there deserve to know the basic premise --- the show revolves around a group of undercover operatives working for Starfleet intelligence! That's the most I'll reveal for now... in the meantime, I'll keep you posted as information becomes available!"

Many thanks for the info...readers? What do your illnesses tell you?

Hasta El Sisko,

El Cosmico

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