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Tim Burton And Danny Elfman Talk BEETLEJUICE In This Exclusive Clip From WB'S 25TH Anniversary Music Box!

Beaks here...

Back in the August of 1985, wunderkind filmmaker Tim Burton surprised moviegoers with the rambunctious and proudly juvenile PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE. It was unlike anything in theaters that summer. And while the film was built around the goofball character of Pee Wee Herman, it is impossible to imagine it being as beloved as it is today without the wild, Nino Rota-inspired score from Danny Elfman (who was best known at the time as the frontman for Oingo Boingo).

Actually, it's impossible to imagine any Burton film without Elfman's macabre influence (with the exception of SWEENEY TOOD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET and ED WOOD). So this December, Warner Bros. music is celebrating this amazing and enduring collaboration by releasing THE DANNY ELFMAN & TIM BURTON 25TH ANNIVERSARY MUSIC BOX, a gorgeously-designed collectible set which includes the scores for all thirteen films the two have done together, and all sorts of goodies. Here's the official tease...

A collection of music as unique as Danny Elfman’s for the film of Tim Burton needed to be housed in something equally special, wondrous, and whimsical. Designed to evoke a treasure chest found in a mysterious attic, The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25th Anniversary Music Box is a work of art in itself. Grammy-winning designer Matt Taylor has transformed previously unseen art by Tim Burton and crafted a large scale, tin-covered music box complete with an embedded music chip playing “The Music Box Suite” arranged and performed by Danny Elfman specifically for this historic collection. And to literally top it all off, with a flip of the lid, a delightful working zoetrope is revealed featuring strips of art and photos by Tim Burton and Danny Elfman that come to animated life with a spin. With compartments for the 16 expanded-score CDs, 250+ page hardcover book Danse Macabre: 25 Years Of Danny Elfman And Tim Burton, the bonus DVD “A Conversation With Danny Elfman & Tim Burton,” and the collectible Skeleton Key USB Drive, this is a massive box set worthy of any coffee table or desk.

To further stoke your interest, the good folks at Warner Bros' Music have provided me with this exclusive clip of Burton and Elfman chatting about one of their finest works, BEETLEJUICE!


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