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DIE HARD 5 Rolls In 2011?? Bruce Willis Says 'Probably'...

Merrick here...
In THIS discussion with MTV, Bruce Willis indicates that a fifth DIE HARD film has been scripted...that adjustments are being made to said script...and that the project's "probably going to happen in 2011."
I am batshit crazy for his John McClane character and would welcome another DIE HARD picture - as long as it's not tepid and sedated like LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, the series' most recent installment. They need to get a director who understands visceral impact and bravado - someone who'll give the conceit its pulse back and restore that DIE HARD attitude/vibe/snark. Not too many directors are like that these days...they need someone like Stallone. Not sure how literal I'm being with that suggestion...just thinking out loud. Speaking of which, recent indications are that Stallone hopes to ramp up his EXPENDABLES sequel sometime early next year - other scuttlebutt suggests that Bruce Willis would appear in that picture playing a far more significant role than he did in the first movie. It'll be interesting to see how all of his impacts the progression of a new DIE HARD film, if it does at all.
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