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Which Star Of The Original FRIGHT NIGHT Will Turn Up In The Remake? Beaks Has Exclusive Details!

Beaks here...

Earlier today, Mania reported that the original Jerry Dandrige, Chris Sarandon, will appear in the Craig Gillespie-directed remake of FRIGHT NIGHT. Since I was on set in Albuquerque, New Mexico the night Sarandon shot his scene, I can confirm this is true. It's a shame this got out there. Sarandon's cameo was intended to be a surprise for fans of Tom Holland's 1985 classic. I can't get into specifics, but his scene will certainly slake the thirst of FRIGHT NIGHT devotees. It's definitely not a throwaway cameo; in fact, I think it links the original and the remake in a very appropriate way. Having conducted a phone interview with Sarandon a couple of years ago, I was thrilled to meet him in person. There were a lot of great actors on set the day I dropped by for a visit, but only one played Leon Shermer in freakin' DOG DAY AFTERNOON. We chatted briefly, and he jokingly asked if I was excited to see the "magic" of filmmaking firsthand (the crew was in the process of setting up a stunt - in which he was involved). He seemed especially intrigued by the new 3D RED rig being used that evening. I'll save the particulars of our discussion for my set visit article - which probably won't run until next year, as the new FRIGHT NIGHT won't hit theaters until October 7th, 2011. But Sarandon is in for one scene only. As for any other cameos, let's all be Geminis and expect the unexpected.

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