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Sir Michael Caine Explains The Very End Of INCEPTION!!

Merrick again... Because the filmtwats site linked below is down for the moment, I'll succinctly encapsulate Caine's comments about INCEPTIONS's final sequence/shot for those who don't wanna wade through the BBC interview. HIGHLIGHT BELOW TO REVEAL INVISOTEXT!

Caine says that Leonardo's no longer in a dream & that the final scene is real. I.e. the spinning top falls.

Original article follows.

Merrick here...
Sir Michael Caine sat down for a lengthy interview with BBC's Chris Moyles for a discussion which turned towards INCEPTION. In their talk about the film, Caine reveals the true meaning of the picture's enigmatic final shot. You can find this around 1:45 into the interview (located HERE). Nudge and goose that little scrollbar at the bottom of the player to get there. For a more precise summation of Caine's revelation, you can jump to the filmtwats article which inspired our posting. If you enjoy the mystery behind INCEPTION's ambiguous closure, you may wanna give this one a miss to preserve the overall experience. As for me...presuming Caine's long association with Nolan has made him privy to this level of clarity insight, which it almost certainly did...I was right! Sir Michael's autobiography...THE ELEPHANT TO HOLLYWOOD...hits stores in a few weeks, but is already up for pre-order HERE.
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