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Ridley Scott's ALIEN Pequel Is Now Being Designed...

Merrick here...
We've already heard that Sir Ridley Scott has been looking at potential cast members for his ALIEN prequel movie, but these days casting talk doesn't necessarily mean matters are too far along on a project. Sometimes certain roles are cast before a shootable script has been developed, for example - leaving room for many things to spin apart on a project, as they sometimes do. However, the snippet below...which comes to us via THIS article over at Crave...reveals that there's more than casting being done on the new ALIEN picture. Work which suggests the project is moving closer and closer to becoming reality. Crave talked to Arthur Max, a Production Designer who has worked with Scott since G.I. JANE (he also worked on stage design and lighting systems for Pink Floyd, which is insanely cool as far as I'm concerned). During this conversation, Max mentioned that he's "prepping" his first sci-i project at the moment.
Crave: You mention a science fiction. Is this the "Alien" prequel? Arthur: Yeah, we're in development on that. I'm in Pinewood now doodling spaceships. I've got a little art department and we're trying to get it off the ground. Crave: That's not just the first sci-fi you've done. That's the first sequel. How is it different working from a frame of design that already exists? Arthur: Well it's not really a sequel. It's a prequel. So we can deconstruct the original. That's an interesting challenge to anticipate. Where it all came from. It's origins. It's almost like archeology. You're designing in reverse time.
Not exactly Earth shattering, but interesting and illustrative (forgive the pun) nonetheless. Wouldn't you love to get a glimpse of what Max is up to? We need to get some tiny little cameras and strap 'em onto Pinewood mice, I guess. Or, what was the movie that had the roach cam? That would work... A tip-of-the-hat to John for pointing us towards the article.
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