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Holy Shit - Harry is gonna review a new Anime from Fantastic Fest called REDLINE!!!

Hey folks, Harry here with my last review before turning in for the night. Written upon my Macbook Pro - which I do believe I'm going to be taking with me from here on out. It is just better at doing what I need it to do. The iPad needs a couple of upgrades to its operating system before I can feel safe with composing pieces in it. The lack of multiple windows had me using my phone for IMDB and the iPad for the writing. It worked, but man... having two windows next to each other is just so much better. And ARROW KEYS are real important. Ok - enough of that. REDLINE. The other day on Twitter - somebody tweeted in my general direction that I should check out REDLINE. About 4 minutes later, AICN ANIME guru, Scott Green retweeted it back at me to get my attention. And so I decided at the last minute to see REDLINE instead of CORRIDOR (which I'm dying to see). Now - confession time here. I'm not the biggest modern anime geek. I love pretty much all the high profile stuff that gets my attention, I love the stuff that I saw as a kid and in college, but since running AICN for the last 14 years - I have had just such a massive amount of material - that I frankly let Scott Green handle ANIME and when the rare quality item grabs my attention, it really does feel like a revelation. After my soul was crushed by ONG BAK 3, I almost quit my own festival for the day. I decided to head over to the HIGH BALL - but with the Paramount still filled for the Grand Opening Ceremonies with LET ME IN and BURIED - the HIGH BALL, while hopping, was not the debauched scene we were seeking - that is in HIGH GEAR RIGHT NOW BTW - but I am home. We were going to just head home, but I had just taken a 5 hour energy drink - and had an energy rush going - and so was YOKO - when I ran into the great Rodney Perkins (one of our great programmers at FANTASTIC FEST) he mentioned he was heading over to introduce REDLINE - and having looked at the trailer - I thought - well, if it is high energy and fun, I should go. Rodney described it as Jack Kirby Meth Anime. We were no longer going home. After Brian Behm's inappropriate bumper played - we settled down for REDLINE - which was just sublimely wonderful. Much of the music reminded me of the pulse pounding beats I heard from Edgar Wright's SPACED whenever the crew went clubbing. Or the mail guy showed up. But you know - that hopping happy jump on a bed in your PJs with a girl slamming pillows at each other music. That music that gets you bopping your head and smiling. The Animation style is crazy. Bolder lines than you get from the animated HEAVY METAL - but actually - if you know the Captain Stern / Hanover Fist sequence - it's a more graphically intense take on that. The screen was so insanely psychedelically colorful, that when i went to drink my ice water, the surface of the water looked like either soap or oil was on the surface - when I blocked the light from the screen with my hand it went away and didn't have that look - but it did concern me for about 20 seconds of the film. This was written by the writer/director of FUNKY FOREST - a live action film - which is actually in the running for weirdest fucking awesome I don't know what it is MOVIE around. Track down FUNKY FOREST if you have friends you watch the truly weird shit with. It is awesome. Well, that guy wrote this - and it shows. Like the guy that becomes super strong when he is crying. GENIUS. Or the two girls in the car that transforms into a... Yeah, nah, not gonna say. OH - I haven't even told you the most basic basics of the film. This is an intergalactic story about land racing in the galaxy. Think... COOLEST SPEED RACER EVER... and that counts the Wachowski film. Think AEON FLUX from the best days of MTV with insane science fiction car action! This is such a pretty, crazy, hyper-fucking good time. Fuck FAST & THE FURIOUS - this is what it should be. This would be the most insane live-action petal-to-the-metal flick ever made. I nominate Robert Rodriguez. REDLINE should not be missed, everyone came out smiling and happy. FANTASTIC!

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