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Team Nolan May Be Closing In On A Director For The New SUPERMAN Film!! And The Possibilities Include...

Merrick here...
Seems Christopher Nolan and Emma Thomas are in the process of meeting with a short list of potential directors for their currently-in-development SUPERMAN project, after which they'll make a formal recommendation to Warner Bros. The contenders are: Tony Scott, Matt Reeves (CLOVERFIELD, LET ME IN), Jonathan Liebesman (THE KILLING ROOM, 2006's TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE sequel, BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, and the forthcoming CLASH OF THE TITANS follow-up), Duncan Jones (SOURCE CODE, MOON), and Zack Snyder (WATCHMEN, the upcoming SUCKER PUNCH, 300). All of these directors have interesting credits to say the least - each has highly distinctive qualities which significantly differentiate them from other names on 'the list'. So the question is: what kind of SUPERMAN film would each of these candidates make? An interesting topic for the Talkback below. All per THIS scoop at Deadline.
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