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Ever Wonder How And Why STAR TREK INSURRECTION Turned Out Like It Did??

Merrick here...
A while back, Michael Piller wrote a book about the making of STAR TREK INSURRECTION that was pretty much sunk by Paramount. Snippets and excerpts from Piller's tome have appeared online over the years, but the entirety of the piece has remained buried until now. For those who don't recall Piller's name, he was a writer/producer on many shows - WIDLFIRE, THE DEAD ZONE series, STAR TREKs DEEP SPACE NINE and VOYAGER, and the writer/co-producer of INSURRECTION. As such, he was in a position to offer considerable fascinating and illustrative insight into how STAR TREK movies were grown in the Berman era, and how and why certain things went both right...and awry...on the production of INSURRECTION in particular. The entirety of FADE IN: THE WRITING OF STAR TREK INSURRECTION is now availabe as a free download over at Trek Core, from whom we often seek TREK-related photos. You can find it HERE (note that this download - a .doc - may well auto-launch when you click the link). I haven't had a chance to go through it in too much detail yet, but what I've seen suggests this is a wonderful work from a great talent. If you've any interest in Classic TREK or THE NEXT GENERATION, I'd strongly encourage you to check this out.
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