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RED DAWN Was A PG-13 In 1984! In 2010, The Remake Is Rated...

... PG-13! (Thanks, RopeOfSillicon!)

Beaks here... I usually don't consider an MPAA rating worthy of its own news story, but since John Milius's RED DAWN was the first film to hit theaters with a PG-13, I was curious to see how MGM's remake would fare with the ever-unpredictable ratings board. Obviously, if made in 2010, Milius's RED DAWN would've had its R-rating secured by the end of the first action sequence; a PG-13 today means they probably curtailed the number of bloody squib bursts. Nothing like "dry" action violence! Actually, I've heard good stuff about the new RED DAWN (directed by second-unit veteran Dan Bradley), so it's a shame we're probably a year away from getting to see it thanks to MGM's ongoing financial woes (which, a week ago, were rumored to be on the verge of getting resolved). Most likely, Chris Hemsworth, who takes over the role of Jed Eckert from the late Patrick Swayze, will be a full-blown movie star by the time this gets out there (provided THOR doesn't tank or something crazy like that). The score for the remake is by Ramin Djawadi (CLASH OF THE TITANS, IRON MAN and FLASHFORWARD). He's got his work cut out for him...

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