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Check Out This Blog From The Manchester Shoot Of CAPTAIN AMERICA!! Will Live Video Of Filming Be Captured??

Merrick here...
The fine folks over in Manchester have set-up a nice blog to chronicle the filming of Joe Johnston's CAPTAIN AMERICA movie; Manchester is standing in for 1940s Brooklyn for the shoot. The blog contains quite a few images, a video walk through of the set, and even has a window indicating a "live stream of filming." The stream is 'Off Air' as of this posting, but it might be fun to keep checking back to see what happens there. The set walkthrough footage can also be seen via the embed below. While the walkthrough is embedded on the Manchester blog, it originated at
Click either of the sample images below to see other pics, the vids mentioned above, and more.
Can't wait to see this on-screen - Johnston's visual style oughta make this look pretty sweet.
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