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The ENDER'S GAME Movie May've Found A New Director...

Merrick here...
The L.A. Times says that Gavin Hood (director of TSOTSI and X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE) has done some work on Orson Scott Card's script adaptation of his own ENDER'S GAME novel and is now "developing the project as a director." This is certainly a significant development for the project, although it's important to remember that an ENDER'S movie has been in the work for some time now, so who knows exactly where this will go? For a long while, Wolfgang Petersen was attached to an adaptation of the film that didn't come together - he famously bailed back in 2008 (details HERE). ENDER'S GAME (available HERE) first appeared in novel form back in 1985 spawning 12(ish) sequels/spinoffs. So, if someone can actually get this picture up and running...and it performs well...we could be looking at a substantive franchise here. We'll see how things play out with Hood on-board. More at the L.A. Times HERE.
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