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LOST's Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn To Work ODD JOBS For The Abrams Gang?

Merrick here...
Seems Team Abrams is now shopping ODD JOBS to networks. The project would evidently find Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn (respectively Benjamin Linus and John Locke on LOST) as two former Black Ops agents in a comedy/drama. In the ramp up to the ending of LOST, O'Quinn obliquely referred to speaking to J.J. Abrams about a show involving two suburban hitmen dealing with real world issues, or something to that effect. At this point, it seems a safe presumption that ODD JOBS is the same show he was talking about a few months back. THIS piece at Vulture goes into a touch more detail, saying that Josh Appelbaum and Andre Nemec (ALIAS alumni who are scripting the Abrams' produced MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE IV) are also involved. A few days ago we learned that PERSON OF INTEREST, from Abrams and Jonathan “Jonah” Nolan (THE DARK KNIGHT, PRESTIGE) was placed at CBS. More on both projects as we know more...
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