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Keanu Says BILL & TED 3 Is Being Written...Sorta...

Merrick here...
The great Alex Winter recently indicated to me (via my Twitter stream) that all the recent talk of a third BILL & TED movie was "nothing more than a lark for now" - which is true, but that fact doesn't seem to stop the notion from inching tentatively, albeit minutely, forward. Keanu Reeves sat down with MTV for a discussion which turned to another BILL & TED picture. Echoing Winters' recent comments (HERE), Reeves alludes that he Alex, and Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon (the writers of the previous two films in the series) have been talking through ideas for a third installment, and reveals that Solomon and Matheson are developing a script for the proposed project. My understanding is (and it's important to remember) that this is happening (more or less) as an arrangement between the four partties involved, and is not necessarily related to the involvement of a studio or production entity.
"They're gonna try and see if they can write something. To me, I would love to play the role and I'd love to work with Alex and Chris and Ed again... [EDIT] And we'll see what they do..."
...says Keanu in the MTV chat, which you can see for yourself via the emebed below...
In the same reel, Keanu does a pretty funny imagining/impression of Werner Herzog directing B&T 3. It's pretty funny....check it out.
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