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Likely bringing a close to 16 years of rumor and speculation, and almost certainly confounding Tom Arnold's tireless insistence that a theatrical sequel to the 1994 James Cameron / Arnold Schwarzenegger epic TRUE LIES would eventually happen, looks like we'll see more of Harry and Helen Tasker after all...but on the small screen. Seems Team Cameron and 20th Century Fox Television have pulled together a series adaptation of TRUE LIES and are getting ready to shop it to networks. René Echevarria (Executive Producer of CASTLE, THE 4400, and Cameron's short-lived DARK ANGEL series - he was also a writer/producer on STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE) will function as writer/showrunner, and is Executive Producing alongside Lightstorm's Rae Sanchini and Jon Landau.
The progenitor feature film made well north of $378 million dollars globally, and has remained very high on the list of projects Cameron fans hoped to see the filmmaker one day follow-up on. More details can be found over at Deadline, HERE.
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