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The Freeman checks out James Gunn's SUPER at Toronto Film Fest!

Hey folks, Harry here - and y'all should know - if you're attending TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL - and want to share your thoughts on what you're seeing - Click Here and write us an Email - 'The Freeman' seemed to enjoy SUPER quite a bit. Loved James last film effort and I'm definitely looking forward to checking this out!

Hi Harry, First time contributor, please call me 'The Freeman', will there ever be a Half-Life movie? Edward Norton would make a great Gordon. Just back from day 2 of TIFF, where the Midnight Madness showing tonight was James Gunn's Super. Like anyone that has something worth saying, I'll get right to the point. Super is destined to become a cult classic, this film is pure movie magic, it has everything, gore, comedy, violence, hot ladies, hell of a lot of heart, story and it's got something to say. Super starts out with Frank D'arbo, Rainn Wilson who owns this movie, a loser who's always been unhappy and felt like life has shit on him throughout his existence. His sole solace is his beautiful wife Sarah, the gorgeous Liv Tyler, a recovering junkie/alcoholic who leaves him for Kevin Bacon. This along with some fantastic visions from God inspires D'arbo to become a superhero. This is where he meets Ellen Page, Libby, and she is awesome in this, her character is unlike anything she's done before and she nails it. Honestly, by the end of this movie every geek will love her and wish she were his girlfriend. Libby becomes D'arbo's sidekick and she is insane, even more so than D'arbo.One scene in particular between them will live long in the memory and lead to many people quoting Libby and many geek's adding her to their spank-tank. The movie doesn't hold back on the gore, there's plenty to be had throughout the movie and lots of humour but the biggest surprise, for me at least, where two emotionally driven scenes that hit harder and had more meaning than any hollywood movie, or any fictional movie, I've seen in a long, long time. One scene between Sarah and Frank talking in the diner is incredibly moving and really serves to paint Frank as a 'somewhat' normal person doing what he has to in order to save the woman he loves, and even though I cared and was rooting for him already this really reinforced that feeling and raised it to a higher level to where everything he could possibly do was justified and bloody awesome in it's execution. Conscious of spoilers, there's a lot of WTF! moments, so I'll leave all the surprises the film has for you to discover but the ride doesn't stop from the beginning to end. The pacing is spot on and they get the ending just right, some people might complain but it feels like the way the story should end. If you even remotely enjoyed Kick-Ass, you'll love this. Unfortunately the film doesn't yet have a distributor, this was the premiere of the movie but with a film this good and a cast of the calibre it contains, surely it's only a matter of time. If you have to steal an identity, break into James Gunn's house or simply beg you need to see this movie. It's going to take an almighty film to top this as my favourite of the festival and it brought the house down, 02:45 in the morning and over 3/4's of the crowd stayed for the Q&A afterwards, too tired to write up what was said, the main point of interest was that Jenna Fischer(The Office), Gunn's ex-wife phoned Gunn to enquire what was happening with the script as it was her favourite he'd written. Gunn explained he'd written it in 2003, it started as a series of shorts but quickly got expanded, she recommended Rainn Wilson for the role of D'arbo and he signed on after reading the first 21 pages. Liv Tyler and Ellen Page were the templates for the type of actresses they were looking for in the roles and were the first they asked, they couldn't believe either of them agreed, believing it was a shot to nothing. Liv(feel I can call her that) said she agreed after a tentacle touched her (you'll understand after the film) and said she should take the role, Rainn stated it was really his penis touching her, on that note... Hope someone found this review interesting, love the site! The Freeman
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