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Natalie Portman + Alfonso Cuaron = Yes Please!

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. The news just broke over at THR's Risky Business Blog that Natalie Portman has been offered the leading role in Alfonso Cuaron's space thriller GRAVITY about an astronaut trapped on a space station after satellite debris smashes into it, killing the rest of the crew. Robert Downey Jr. has a supporting role already. I haven't read this script, but have talked to people who have and from everything I hear this is a prime role for a lead actress. Angelina Jolie was originally attached and dropped out. I have a feeling in future years we'll be talking about that in the same way we talk about Tom Selleck dropping out of Raiders of the Lost Ark. Yeah, I want to marry Natalie Portman, so what? I can still be objective, right? Jay Fernandez's article mentions that Warner Bros wouldn't offer Portman the role pre-Black Swan killing at Telluride without a screen test. Are they crazy? That's Natalie Portman, not Olivia Thirlby or Emma Stone... girls I also want to marry, but totally understand aren't superstars yet. But now that Black Swan is apparently as awesome as I want it to be and there's Oscar buzz building around Portman, they went ahead and made the offer. I'm just dying to see a new Alfonso Cuaron movie, so with Portman or without I'm there. But if Portman is in it, then I get to see if it was outer space or Lucas that drained all of her charm and talent in those other space movies. Thoughts? -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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