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Did you have a KRULL Wedding?

Hey folks, Harry here with one of those stories that just hugs the geek plum out of me. A reader by the name of Ed Spradley wrote me about an article over at TheMovingArts.Com which published an article at that link about a giant marketing ploy that was done for the completely awesome film, KRULL. Involving a host of couples all getting married under the auspices of having KRULL weddings. Now, once I read this article, I was instantly disappointed on a couple of levels. FIRST - there was no taking of fire from water part of the ceremony. And apparently they didn't really have KRULL weddings with their oaths. But also, the writer there hasn't been able to track down any of the actual couples that got married at this big KRULL event. And that just got me thinking... I wonder if someone could really rig a wedding like that. To emulate the actual ceremony in the film. And if anyone had actually done that? But mainly, I wanted to help Tim Kirk with his story quest... to find the actual KRULL couples. If you are, reach out and contact Tim - I know I'd love to hear the rest of this story. Cool geek culture bit, eh?

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