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Stan Lee to film a cameo in DR STRANGE?!?!?!

Hey folks, Harry here... I do love me some DR STRANGE... and we have heard for quite some time that it is a favorite project of Kevin Fiege... but this tiny nugget from Stan Lee... well it does show that the DR STRANGE film is on his radar. Which could mean it is getting closer to reality. We know it would take place over at DISNEY - but I do have to say - I'm not real certain who I would even have for DREAM CASTING of DR. STRANGE. He was a doctor before the terrible accident took his hands and he went on that LOST HORIZON which wound up turning him into a Sorcerer Supreme... Actually - my vote would go to Stephen Moyer aka Bill Compton from TRUE BLOOD, but then I am a TRUE BLOOD geek. There is something slightly Ditko to Moyer's face. How about you, who do you see at DR. STRANGE - and more importantly who would you see directing this. Knowing that Deltoro's slate is full, that takes him off the table. So, who would you like to see? Here's the email that started this rumination upon DR STRANGE

During the panel on Saturday, Stan Lee was talking about his cameo appearances in the recent Marvel movies, and he mentioned that he had not yet shot his cameo for Capt. America, and that there was still Avengers and Dr. Strange to do. This was the first I'd heard of a Dr. Strange movie. So, Sunday I went to his panel again and got up and asked asked him about it. He said he hated to frustrate me, but all he knew was that there is a Dr. Strange movie in the works, but he didn't know if they had a director, writer, cast, or really anything about it. Not much, but at least it's a little hope. Personally, I'd like to see David Lynch direct Johnny Depp in this. -- Thaddaeus A. Vick, Speaker for the Coyote
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