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Here is The Behind the Scenes Pic of the Day! Can you dig it? Caaannnn yooouuuu diiggg ittt?!?

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here with today’s Behind the Scenes pic! Today’s picture isn’t a professional studio still. Hell, The Warriors ain’t exactly a profession studio kind of movie, so it feels right that we have a frozen moment from the making of that film that feels just like the movie itself. Consider how this photo differs from some of the bigger studio pictures I’ve featured here. They’re using all natural light and there’s all of 6 people in this shot, including Michael Beck. Guerilla filmmaking. Unless, of course, the rest of the crew is hiding behind the photographer, but I’d like to imagine it was a small hodge-podge grouping of people making this film the cult classic it is today. If you’re not familiar with The Warriors fix that immediately! Now, the only version available on Blu-Ray is Walter Hill’s “Ultimate Director’s Cut” which features some really crappy animated transitions. Here’s hoping the original theatrical cut is available on some future release, but it’s better to have most of this awesome movie in high def than to not have any of it, I guess. A reader named Joe sent me this and a few others. I hate to tip my hand as I’ll probably be using a few more of these during the life of the column, but Joe found ‘em at a Warriors Fansite which has a ton of BTS pics from this flick. Enjoy and click for a slightly bigger version!

If you have a pic you think should be included email me. I’m looking for the iconic, the rare or the just plain cool behind the scenes shots to feature here. Tomorrow’s Behind the Scenes can only be attributable to human error. -Quint Follow Me On Twitter

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