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A Norwegian Documentary called THE TROLLHUNTER... Guillermo Del Toro Porn?

Hey folks, Harry here... the other night Tim League and I had dinner and at one quiet split second... he got this mad insane zealot gleam in his eye and he said... "Do you know THE TROLLHUNTER?" - there was something oddly conspiratorial about the entire question. He wasn't Busceming out, but he wasn't far from it. THEN - I get an email from a reader in Spain named Esteban, who asks, "Harry, Have you seen this?" Well, you have to understand. When shit a dinner is reflected in an unrelated email a night later. I take that shit seriously. So I clicked. And... now, I'm dying to see a Norwegian Documentary called THE TROLLHUNTER... and I'm real sure it is like completely real man! I think they have Trolls in Norway and I've got to see if they caught any of them on HD. I mean. This really could be that vital moment in history when we all remembered the day TROLLS were outed by that Norwegian Documentary... then next thing we know Katie Couric is doing some Troll Interest stories on the news. Bill Maher tells us about Dick Cheney's relatives. And I think Colbert could explode. By sheer will I will see this Documentary, ahem... god, I need to get some water. Enjoy:

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