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KICK ASS 2 has been greenlit? Mark Millar says so...

Hey folks, Harry here and I've just started to receive a flood of messages from our UK viewers that heard Mark Millar on Radio 5 announce that due to the crushing success of KICK ASS on DVD - that KICK ASS 2 has been greenlit. The first person to send this in was Dixie, I'll follow up and see what else I can find. Shame that Home Video audience didn't turn out in theaters, where the film was truly spectacular. Now if only they'd wake up and get their asses to SCOTT PILGRIM!

Hi Guys Been listening to Mark Millar on Radio 5 in the UK who says that because of the fantastic number of DVD sales of Kick Ass that Kick Ass 2 has been greenlit and will go ahead and be based on Millars follow up comic Just call me Dixie
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