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Dear Mr Lasseter, I'm writing this to you & I hope that you will read it so you'll know...

John, if I may call you that, Harry here with a bit of an open letter proposal to you. With Roy Disney gone, I'm quite concerned that we won't have people digging into the treasure trove of archives to bring "while Walt was alive" projects to life. Take for example this video that has popped up onto YouTube - which is, as you can see, the pencil test for an unfinished Mickey Mouse cartoon directed by Jack Kinney in 1951. It was shelved as being an awkward length of 6 minutes and 52 seconds. Now just imagine how cool it would be for DISNEY to finish one of the great unfinished, all but the ink & paint, Disney classics. Put it in front of one of the Disney PG releases. Hell, it could even possibly earn an Oscar for Jack.

Meanwhile to the audience, it would show a level of respect for classic Disney in the post-Roy Disney years - and provide a technical challenge in bringing this to full life. And as fans yourselves - you'd be working hand in hand with the great Fred Moore & Cliff Nordberg and all the others that put so much great artistry into this. Marry the magic of modern Disney with this classic Disney. It is the only thing to do when presented with material like this - and when you're in control of the Animation division. Ask Mark Caballero how great it made him feel to help Ray Harryhausen finish his last Stop Motion Fairy Tale classic, THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE. And remember how exciting it was to hear about DESTINO being finished and produced. C'mon... ya know ya wanna... Do it for Walt and Jack and all the guys that made us love that company to begin with. Right? Harry Knowles P.S. Thanks to Jr Mintz for the heads up!

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